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Legal Real Money Poker Sites in the USA

best real money poker sites usa badgeTen years ago, finding a good online poker site for real money gaming in the USA would have been a long shot owing to a number of detrimental factors. However, fast forward to the present moment, players now have access to an online poker scene that features a bewildering number of sites offering a diverse range of games including Stud, Texas Hold’em and Omaha among many others.

Playing on a popular US poker platform with is often the final step of the journey towards becoming a regular gamer and the fact that this can be done quite easily and quickly at a number of great sites right from the comfort of your own home makes it even more exciting.

Not all money poker sites are made equal, and we are here to make your life easier by doing all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve reviewed all of the online poker sites with real money offerings for USA players and compiled a list of only the most respectable, trustworthy, and expertly-reviewed poker sites the internet has to offer just for you.

Best Online Poker Sites for US Players

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Is Playing Online Poker for Real Money Legal in the USA?

Real money online poker in the USA has been a rather confusing aspect of gambling in the country. Once, there existed three massive online poker sites, but they eventually got shot down and with their shutdown came the announcement that anteing was against the law.

However, as it turns out, this was not the case and playing online pokers even for real money in the USA is not considered to be a crime – online operators are prohibited from running online poker sites within states where online gambling is yet to be legalized.

Real money online casinos have grown to be so popular in the past decades, so much that three states in the USA are already offering online gambling services such as online poker directly to their residents – with the 4th State, Pennsylvania, having just recently legalized online poker too.

The overall landscape of gambling in the USA has changed significantly and is now much clearer than it was before which makes for a rather progressive ecosystem. Compared to what was the case a few years ago when the US online poker scene was struggling with issues such as payment services and flaws in their user interface, both of which are considered to be minor issues in the present, everything has gotten a lot smoother. The legality of online poker is not only clearer now but it is also headed to a situation where it will be directly or indirectly facilitating it.

If you’re looking for real money poker on sites that offer to win real cash, you could be spending a lot of time comparing lists, filtering out and reading site reviews which is valuable time not spent time actually enjoying the best real money poker sites out there.

That’s where we come in.

Our editors have a dedicated fund in order to play real money casinos every single day solely to keep this page updated with the latest information on the best places to play online.

Now don’t get us wrong – you can’t win real money instantly with poker or any other form of legitimate gambling but we always encourage you to explore the different gambling sites out there that we recommend.

There are a lot of sites on the web with ill intentions of getting you to deposit with bad bonuses, service and overall providing a poor online poker experience which is all the more reason to keep abreast of our up-to-date information right here – the internet authority on online poker for real money in the USA.

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In 2019 alone our recommended poker list has changed dozens of times already because we are always scouring the internet for the latest information.

Our team constantly puts every online poker site’s customer services to the test; week-in, week-out – with new challenges, money poker questions and overall quality assurance to make sure only the best survive our ranking for the best real money poker sites online.

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Pros of Real Money Poker

ProsThe biggest merit of playing online poker with real money in the USA is the fact that poker players get to win loads of cash right on their mobile devices, laptops or desktops. Outstanding poker rooms, such as the ones we recommend, offer a range of real money offerings that include cash games that are filled quite quickly and run all through as well as nightly tournaments with humongous guaranteed prize pools.

In addition to that, a decent number of reputable sites offer gamers the chance to participate in games via online satellites which offer passage into live events such as the renowned World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour.

Cons of Real Money Poker

ConsThere is always the risk of losing money to fraudulent sites whenever you play online poker with real money in USA, but this is usually averted by sticking to a reputable USA online poker site, such as the ones listed above. Other than that, our players are advised to look out for issues such as bankroll management which is usually a key challenge for compulsive gamblers. The allure of poker games is quite tempting and thus if you have no self-control you might end up going bankrupt, or homeless, or worse.

A Few Things to Consider

There are, of course, the usual factors that you have to be very picky about but that is not what we mean here. The things you need to consider will include the time to change your stakes. Any player is capable of changing their skill level with the best poker guide. All you need to know is when the correct timing for such a move is.

Surviving the long haul in online poker depends on how progressive you are in terms of your overall gameplay. Sure, you will win a few times, and lose a few other times but when it comes to your survival what matters is the lessons you were able to pick out from your victories and your losses. Poker is a game of strategy, and therefore you have to be consistent at improving your skills.

Another important factor to consider is the need to play within your limits by making sure you stick to the stakes that are in line with your prevailing financial situation. The key is to never give into the temptation of playing with more than what you can afford to lose.

Finding The Best Online Poker Site

We understand that it’s difficult to pick a site even if you’re presented with a list, especially for those who are new to the scene. It’s almost impossible to cater to every type of player; some may prefer a real money poker app whereas others enjoy to bet online poker through the browser.

That’s why our expert reviewers have provided a short summary of a guide that will aid you in the process of selecting your ideal real money poker site. Use these steps below to help choose a gambling site from our approved poker rooms.

Determine your requirements

Note down all the features you want from a poker site regardless of what it is. This will help you to immediately filter out a good chunk of the sites anywhere.

Grade each feature

Give the features you've listed in the previous step a score between 1-10 to identify the importance of each point. A weighting system is always a good idea in any review process.

Filter out the herd

Pick out all the top rated sites that contain at least 3-5 of your most important requirements. Don't worry if you end up with more, it's just general guideline.

Tally up the points

Using the weighting system that you created in the previous steps, tally up the total points for each real money poker site and find the most suited one for you.


You will never get an accurate feel of the game until you test it out yourself. So, from the best to worst, keep playing through the list until you find your ideal poker site.

Blacklist of the Month


We strongly advise that you avoid using these poker sites as they do not pass our criteria and generally have a low level of standards. All those listed have been personally tested by our team so you can trust from our years of experience that they do not provide a pleasant experience for any player.

21 Nova

21 Nova Logo
  •  Linked to cPays Group
  •  Bad reputation
  •  Payout issues

SWC Poker

SWC Poker Logo
  •  Founder arrested
  •  Suspicious activity
  •  Bitcoin only


PayNoRake Logo
  •  Mass complaints
  •  Late payments
  •  Huge fees


OddsPoker Logo
  •  Unreliable practices
  •  Bad reputation
  •  Unsecure

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker Logo
  •  Black Friday
  •  Money laundering
  •  Fixed games

Bubba's Poker

Bubba's Poker Room Logo
  •  Suspicious site
  •  Bad customer service
  •  Slow payments

As of when you see this list, some sites may of been shutdown or they may still be running. Regardless, we recommend that you steer clear of visiting or involving yourself with activities associated with these brands to stay safe. We may leave certain sites on this list so people who are new and unaware stay informed.


How do I play online poker?

When playing online for real money we recommend only playing for small amounts initially to get used to it and keep up to date with tips using our comprehensive online poker guide. Remember - only bet what you can afford to lose.

What age can you play real money poker in the US?

It all depends on the state you’re in. Refer to our responsible gambling age table.

Is online poker legal in the US?

Many states don’t even define gambling let alone address specific legal real money online poker laws! Check our legal states poker map for your state.

How do I play money poker online?

As long as you’re of the legal age, all you need is access to the internet and a way to transfer funds via an available deposit option on the site you’re playing poker on. After that, it's just the same as any free poker game, except you're playing for real cash!

What can I do if online poker isn’t legal or available in my state?

Unfortunately you need to be physically playing from a legal state, but there are alternatives such as gaming from play money poker rooms which is not classed as online gambling.

Where can I play real money poker in the US

Not all places in the world can legally play real money poker and laws are not well-defined in the US. Refer to our legal poker states map to be sure.

What is the best poker site?

There is no single best poker site as it all comes down to preference but if you check the real money poker sites list we regularly update at the top of this page; it should hopefully give you a good, unbiased and independent place to start.

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