Online Poker with Neteller


As one of the earliest payment systems introduced to the world of online gambling, Neteller has established itself as a premium e-wallet service and is one of the most widely accepted forms of payments.

In fact, many people instantly associate Neteller with online gambling due to their heavy focus on gambling merchants. As a result, a massive percentage of their transactions are with online gambling sites. At its peak, 80% of the world’s gambling payments were processed through Neteller in 2005.

With online gambling playing such a huge role in Neteller’s business model, you as the user are afforded with many gambling specific advantages. Many players see it as the perfect choice for depositing and withdrawing .

Want to have full control of your gambling funds in one convenient place?

Neteller is your answer. Deposits with Neteller are quick and easy, and withdrawals are as fast as any other forms of payments. You can keep your personal bank accounts completely separate from your online poker accounts by using Neteller as your one stop management system for your online gambling funds.

Want the most bang for your buck?

Look no further! Neteller offers a VIP Program that rewards users with special bonuses based on the amount of transactions they made during a year. The entry barrier to the lowest VIP level, Bronze, requires that you make US$10,000 worth of transfers to merchants within one year. The requirements for the higher VIP levels are: Silver $50,000; Gold $100,000; Platinum $500,000 and Diamond $2,000,000.

Neteller Bonuses

Security Guarantee/withdrawals – Neteller will reimburse you 100% for unlikely financial loss due to unauthorised account activity

Discounted deposits/withdrawals – VIPS get exclusive discounts on deposits and withdrawals fees, processed monthly.

Anniversary Reward Points – Annual Reward Points bonus are credited to you every year you remain a Neteller member

Multiple currency accounts – Save money on FX fees and reduce hassle while travelling abroad or spending on international sites

Guaranteed limit increase – Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIPs instantly receive higher limits on all transactions

Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit – Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIPs can withdraw up to $3300/day. Bronze and Silver up to $1000/day.

Dedicated VIP Manager – Your personal VIP Manager can help you with any questions or concerns.

VIP Chat – 24/7 access to Neteller’s exclusive VIP chat service to answer any questions.

Flexible transaction limits – The already high VIP transaction limits can increase even more as needed.

Lower FX fees – Special low FX rates

Loyalty Reward Points – Earn reward points for every transaction you make and redeem them for cash.

How much do deposits and withdrawals cost?

Deposit charges varies depending on which methods you choose to fund your Neteller account with. It compares favorably to other payment methods, especially those of Paypal’s, a competiting e-wallet payment option. In general, people use Paypal for small purchases, but for bigger transactions, especially for online gamblers, Neteller is the preferred choice.

How to make a deposit/withdrawal with Neteller

The first thing you need is a Neteller account. This is FREE and can be setup in a matter of minutes. Just visit Neteller’s site and sign right up.

Next you’ll need to transfer funds into your Neteller account, which can be done by many methods, such as credit or debit cards. Finally, visit your poker site of choice and select Neteller as a deposit option. Once you’ve completed the deposit, you’ll find the funds in your account right away.

Any poker sites that accept Neteller as a method for deposit, which is the majority if not all, will also let you use it for withdrawals. All you have to do is navigate to the cash out section, choose Neteller, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and complete the rest of the instructions, then wait for the money to be transferred into your Neteller account. Most online poker sites take around 2 days to process withdrawals, BUT, for Neteller users, this is usually far quickly, sometimes even instant!

The bottom line

If you want convenience, security, extra bonuses whenever you’ve made a certain amount of transactions, and on top of all that, get rewarded for your loyalty with points that you can use to redeem cash, well, Neteller might just be the PERFECT option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my funds and information secure when using Neteller?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the confidentiality of your personal information and the safety of your money. Your details are never shared with any third party, and they employ a whole host of the latest industry standard anti-fraud tools and security measures to make sure you are well and truly protected from any fraudulent activities.

How well accepted is Neteller by US online gambling sites?

For most people, the name Neteller is synonymous with online gambling. Out of all the payment methods, Neteller is probably the one with the strongest links to the gambling industry, making it one of the most widely accepted form of payments, which is especially true for US players.

Why use Neteller over other payment methods?

For one, it is one of the most highly accepted form of payments within the online gambling industry. Two, they reward their users with bonuses, which gets better and better the more you spend. Last but not least, it offers you convenience as you can make both deposits and withdrawals with this single payment option.

What are the benefits?

With Neteller’s VIP program, as you rise up the ranks based on how much you spend, you are rewarded with lower fees, additional accounts, higher transaction limits, dedicated VIP manager and next day payouts.

How much fees do I have to pay?

The fees for deposits and withdrawal varies depending on which payment method you use. Withdrawal fees starts at 1.75% but is reduced as you achieve a higher level on their VIP program. The same is true for other fees such as FX fees and Send money fees, both of which will decrease the more you transact with Neteller.