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As one of the earliest payment systems introduced to the world of online gambling, Neteller has established itself as a premium e-wallet service and is one of the most widely accepted forms of payments.

In fact, many people instantly associate Neteller with online gambling due to their heavy focus on gambling merchants. As a result, a massive percentage of their transactions are with online gambling sites. At its peak, 80% of the world’s gambling payments were processed through Neteller in 2005.

Here are the best online poker sites in 2024 that accept Neteller:

Poker Sites That Accept Neteller

America’s Top Rated

Juicy Stakes

4.7 / 5.0
  • Excellent Welcome Bonus
  • Secure Poker Rooms
  • Fully Licensed and Regulated
Payout Speed 1-2 Days
Exclusive Bonus 200% up to $1000
Secure, Fast Deposit Options

Intertops Poker

4.5 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 200% up to $1000

Neteller is an established leader in online financial transactions, allowing individual and business clients to conduct swift payment operations safely and securely. The company is one of the most popular options among online poker sites looking to offer their customers with a quality service free of any hidden charges.

All Neteller poker rooms allow for a safe banking environment as well as instant transfers, which slashes wait time for deposits to show up in your account and withdrawals to arrive in your balance, focusing on game time at some of the best poker rooms online instead.

Looking for a payment option that adds an extra layer of security to your banking efforts as a poker player? Neteller takes only a moment to set up and guarantees you swift cash outs around the clock. Like what you hear? You can now get your own Neteller debit card (Net+) to completely revolutionize how you play poker online.

The Best Neteller Online Poker Sites

Always on the lookout for the best poker rooms that accept Neteller, OnlinePokerAmerica has found and tested a number of such venues. We are pleased with the banking process and find it to be smooth and indeed very flexible. Without any extra charges to pick – bar in the cases where you are converting between Neteller and another payment option – this product remains a favourite.

Plus, you can get an extra bonus if you choose to deposit with Neteller, at least at some Neteller poker rooms. Admittedly, the bonus is anything between $5 and $15, which isn’t too much, but it definitely gives you a whole lot of appreciation for such card rooms.

New to Neteller? Here’s the Full Picture

Neteller is owned by Paysafe Group Plc, the company behind the namesake pre-paid card payment option. As such, the company is recognized internationally and monitored by some of the strictest financial auditors, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

In the case of Neteller, we are talking a digital wallet that allows you to use your funds and place online deposits without providing vendors – and in this case poker websites – with any sensitive financial information.

Instead, everything is re-routed through Neteller and that makes things safe. To top things off, Neteller can be used to commit and withdraw funds at an online poker website and the solution is compatible with a number of alternative payment options.

You can link your Neteller to regular bank cards, such as Maestro, MasterCard or VISA. Yet, you can use this smart payment method with other options including Bitcoin, Paysafecard and even Skrill. Whichever method you pick, you can rest assured that all Neteller online poker sites provide you with swift payment options, regardless of the re-routes in the background.

Why Choose Neteller Card Rooms?

Ultimately, Neteller provides poker players with a comfort that few companies out there can offer. For starters, you aren’t subject to charges, which is great. Plus, there is always the extra security provided by not disclosing too much information with even the most reputable vendors. Here are the big pluses of going with Neteller:

  • It’s free: All your deposits and withdrawals at online poker sites that offer Neteller are free, which will save you unnecessary small expenditures.
  • Use any payment option: Neteller allows you to connect with any payment solution and deposit into your e-wallet through it. There are some small charges for transferring between a specific payment option and Neteller, but all of these fees are listed on the official website and are currently a flat rate of 2.5% for all options.
  • Improved safety: The biggest selling point of Neteller is that your banking details will remain private. Not a single digit would be shared with the vendor.
  • Have Neteller on the go: The native app allows you to conduct financial transactions swiftly and without any consideration for your location or the time of day.
  • Pick an extra bonus: You stand to get a small bonus for using Neteller as your poker deposit option of choice. These bonuses are usually small, but they provide you with a great opportunity to get going at some of the best poker rooms that accept Neteller.

Each of these advantages adds quite a bit of value on its own. When you put them altogether, what you get is a payment option that definitely will allow you to be in complete control of your money and never have to worry about double checking your account for privacy issues.

Cash Out Winnings for Free with Neteller Poker Sites

Neteller banking is some of the easiest out there. You can send your money directly to a bank account or a mobile account – free of charge and instantly. This makes the transfer option a valuable choice for poker players who are looking for some extra payment protection and expediency.

Once you have the money in your Neteller account, transferring them to your bank account is a simple process that is free of charge and comes in a number of currencies. Plus, you will see the exchange rate beforehand and be able to decide whether to cash out from your Neteller account to your bank.

So far as cashing out of Neteller online poker sites goes, you just need to navigate to the Cashier section in your poker account, and the rest is a piece of cake.

Making a Neteller Deposit at Online Poker Sites

Placing a deposit at a poker site with Neteller is very simple. We will walk you through the specific steps to make sure you don’t miss a thing. As Neteller puts it, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Go to Neteller’s website and open your account. The registration process takes a minute. Remember to enter truthful information.
  2. Use one of the available payment methods to put funds on your account. Again, you can do directly with a bank card or a wire, or through another payment method instead.
  3. Register at one of OnlinePokerAmerica’s recommended Neteller online poker websites.
  4. Visit the Cashier option and choose Neteller as your deposit option.
  5. Enter your Neteller ID and deposit amount and let the software do the rest. All such transactions are instant.

Like What You See? Get a Neteller Net+ Card

You can always opt for a Neteller Net+ Card, which is a debit card that allows you to manage your funds with an even better level of security, re-routing payments yet another time. All transactions are instant, however, so you shouldn’t worry about committing to the card. If you are in the habit of shopping online, you can use the cards to also fund your online poker account as well.

The card is used for withdrawals and you won’t need to send anything to your bank account. Instead, you can use your Net+ Card to make payments to online merchants or you can just hit an ATM and cash out your money – plain and simple.

Neteller VIP Benefits and Bonuses

Crypto Transactions & VIP Status – When buying or selling cryptocurrience the transcations will count towards becoming a VIP.

Security Guarantee/withdrawals – Neteller will reimburse you 100% for unlikely financial loss due to unauthorised account activity

Discounted deposits/withdrawals – VIPS get exclusive discounts on deposits and withdrawals fees, processed monthly.

Anniversary Reward Points – Annual Reward Points bonus are credited to you every year you remain a Neteller member

Multiple currency accounts – Save money on FX fees and reduce hassle while travelling abroad or spending on international sites

Guaranteed limit increase – Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIPs instantly receive higher limits on all transactions

Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit – Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIPs can withdraw up to $3300/day. Bronze and Silver up to $1000/day.

Dedicated VIP Manager – Your personal VIP Manager can help you with any questions or concerns.

VIP Chat – 24/7 access to Neteller’s exclusive VIP chat service to answer any questions.

Flexible transaction limits – The already high VIP transaction limits can increase even more as needed.

Lower FX fees – Special low FX rates

Loyalty Reward Points – Earn reward points for every transaction you make and redeem them for cash.

Use Neteller Safely Around the World

The legal landscape for Neteller online poker sites is somewhat of a tough one, especially in the United States. Following the passage of UIEGA, most e-wallets had to seize their operations insofar as online poker sites were concerned. In 2007, Neteller sounded a retreat, targeted by the government which disproved of any payment method that facilitated poker deposits.

Neteller largely avoided any confrontation with U.S. authorities as it had headed for Isle of Man in 2004, providing itself with a good basis of operation. The payment option is still mostly shunned in the mainland, but it has proven a valuable payment processor in many places, including Europe.

In 2015, Neteller bought Skrill, a rival service that now helps the company expands its clout in the old continent. Skrill and Neteller are the two most preferred payment options in Europe, especially insofar as online poker goes.

Despite some legal opposition in the past, Neteller is now available in some of the biggest market in the United States, including at brands such as:

  • Golden Nugget
  • PokerStars
  • PartyPoker NJ
  • Caesars
  • 888 Casino
  • Harrah’s

Neteller is not only used by poker sites online, however, and you can find the payment option featured at sportsbooks, casinos and even race courses.

Neteller in the Main U.S. Markets

Neteller is making a steady comeback in the United States. Offering a trustworthy service that helps online poker players deposit and withdraw, this payment method is understandable very useful to individual gamers and professionals alike. All Neteller online poker sites in the US currently don’t charge any fees.

Thanks to the lack of fees, Neteller is a very pleasant option to use and you can also pick an additional bonus. As the industry expands across the United States, Neteller is also going to be a more common option.

Frequent Neteller Questions

How fast are Neteller online poker deposits?

Neteller offers instant deposits which saves you time from having to wait around for your money to show up in your account balance.

Can I withdraw from poker sites with Neteller and how quickly?

Yes, players can expect an online poker website to process a Neteller withdrawal request within 2 business days and the money to be with customers within 2 days after an approval has been granted. This puts the time frame for a withdrawal between 1 and 4 business days.

Are there any fees associated with Neteller for poker?

No, there are no fees associated with deposits. Withdrawals are usually free of charge in the United States, so far as the existing brands go – this includes WSOP, PartyPoker and PokerStars. If you are depositing into your Neteller account via another payment method, however, you will be a subject to 2.5% fee as listed on the official website.

Is Neteller safe to use at online card rooms?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the confidentiality of your personal information and the safety of your money. Your details are never shared with any third party, and they employ a whole host of the latest industry standard anti-fraud tools and security measures to make sure you are well and truly protected from any fraudulent activities.

Should I use Neteller on my phone if I play poker?

Yes, if you have Neteller on your phone, you can do transactions quicker and whenever you see the need, but don’t have access to a desktop computer. You can use a double authentication method to provide additional security to your transactions.

Is Neteller available in the United States?

Yes, Neteller is available in the two largest U.S. markets to date – Nevada and New Jersey. This payment solution is used by the World Series of Poker, the world’s largest showdown for regular and professional poker players, and you can make both deposits and withdrawals using Neteller’s online payment system.

Why use Neteller over other payment methods?

For one, it is one of the most highly accepted forms of payments within the online gambling industry. Two, they reward their users with bonuses, which gets better and better the more you spend. Last but not least, it offers you convenience as you can make both deposits and withdrawals with this single payment option.

What are the benefits?

With Neteller’s VIP program, as you rise up the ranks based on how much you spend, you are rewarded with lower fees, additional accounts, higher transaction limits, dedicated VIP manager and next day payouts.

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