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Mobile Poker Sites and Poker Apps

best mobile casino apps usaYou don’t have to worry about getting a worse experience just because you’re playing on a smaller device. Most of the mobile-friendly versions of the web-based poker sites as well as poker apps offer a similar variety of poker games. Not only that, you’ll also find platform specific tournaments that are only available to mobile poker players.

We’ve provided a list below of great mobile friendly browser poker rooms and mobile poker apps to get you started. If you feel like you’ve already gotten grips with these then check out our Poker Site Reviews for more poker action.

Top Rated Mobile Poker Sites and Poker Apps

OUT OF 100

“Ultra-realistic poker”

1. Fresh Deck

Top rated play money online poker site US
  •   Real money cash prizes and promotions
  •   Turbo speed tables and tournaments
  •   Buddy lists to keep you connected

Looking for a realistic play money poker game with awesome graphics? Fresh Deck poker provides just that and much more with great all round device compatibility, amazing avatars with personality and even the ability to win real money crash prizes!

OUT OF 100

“Great all-round fun”

2. Zynga Poker

  •   One of the largest play money poker rooms in the world
  •   Enjoy competitive tournaments
  •   Huge variety of tables

As one of the largest poker rooms in the world, you will never be short of action. Zynga poker provides users with rich animations and smart betting controls which make the whole experience extremely fun and easy. As soon as you're registered, you can connect with your friends all over the world.

OUT OF 100

“Simple to play”

3. Replay Poker

  •   Automatic top-up on chips if you run out
  •   Tournament points and ranking system
  •   No download required

Getting setup on Replay Poker is super easy as it runs directly in your browser, but if you do run into any trouble they have brilliant customer support. With a balanced selection of low, medium and high stake tables, it's the perfect environment for you to improve your game on this quick growing platform.

OUT OF 100

“Endless Fun!”

4. WSOP - Play Money Poker

  •   Large range of features
  •   Modern and bright visuals
  •   Awesome player interaction options

Looking for a great all-rounder? The WSOP platform covers it all with one of the best game and menu visuals, along with excellent game-play and fluid animations. We loved their digital gifting feature which allows you to interact with other players and adds another dimension to the game.

OUT OF 100

“Seamless Experience”

5. Full Tilt Poker

  •   Refreshing in-game visuals
  •   Generous free play chips
  •   Great social system

If you're bored and just looking for a quick stress-free game of poker then head on over to Full Tilt. They run a solid play-money platform and uphold a great social environment for everyone so there's hardly any issues with player behaviour. They provide you with a large range of game options so you'll never get bored.

Since the advent of the internet, technology has come a long way. It used to be that the only way to access the internet was to be stuck at one physical location using a desktop computer.

Things have changed over the years. In October of 2016, for the first time ever, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage. Now that people are always on the go, they demand MOBILITY. They can’t afford to be sat at a desk all day, and neither can poker players.

Realising this trend, the poker industry started to offer poker players the ability to play their favourite games right from the device in which 95% of the American population owns, a mobile device.

Although mobile poker its still in its infancy, due to the technological advancements of hardware and software, there are more mobile poker apps than ever before.

More importantly, majority of them, especially the ones that are subsidiaries of major web-based online poker sites, work just as well as their web-based counterparts.

Mobile Devices and Platforms

You might be thinking it’s difficult to find the right poker app for your mobile device, but you’ll be happy to know that the bests of the best mobile-friendly sites and poker apps will be compatible with all the major mobile devices and platform.

Below is a brief summary of the most popular mobile devices used by poker players on the go. For more information on each of the devices/platforms, visit their individual pages on the links at the end of each summary.


iphone badgeIf you haven’t heard of this device, where have you been?! It’s the single most famous name in mobile device history, and forever changed the mobile phone industry. It holds the crown for being the most sold mobile phone, pretty much year after year since it was first introduced. Naturally, if you have one of these, there is no shortage of available poker apps for your phone.
For more information, visit “Mobile Poker on iPhone


iphone badgeMuch like the iPhone, iPad’s popularity in the world of tablets is unchallenged. Offering a beautiful display and flawless user interface, you’ll have no complaints when playing mobile iPad poker on this gorgeous device.
For more information, visit “Mobile Poker on iPad


iphone badgeDominating the mobile market with a whopping 88% market share, you probably have or have had an android device. Favored by gamers and app developers alike, there is a whole host of poker apps available for this platform.
For more information, visit “Mobile Poker on Android”.


Is there a poker app for real money?

There are lots of poker apps available on app stores - type in your favourite poker brand and see for yourself!

What is the best mobile poker app?

‘Best’ is down to personal preference but we’ve listed some of the safest, best experiences from our team’s reviews at the top of this page with some of them offering mobile browser experiences as well.

Can you play poker for real money in USA?

If you’re of legal age in your respective state, you can technically play for real money anywhere in the USA but please check with your local state laws before doing so.

Can you get mobile poker bonuses?

Mobile poker bonuses can be collected for real money mobile poker sites the same as for computer users—and for some poker sites—can be even better than non-mobile players!

Are there poker betting apps?

There are plenty of play money poker betting apps on the iOS store and Google Play store but Apple and Google hold applications associated with gambling in low regards compared to other categories so for this reason, some publishers bypass this restriction and develop web-based applications instead where the rules for gambling applications are less restrictive. At the time of writing, Zynga and Playtika both offer great play money apps that involve real-money microtransactions and 888poker have a great real money application available from their site.

Can you play online poker for real money on iPhone?

Yes—directly from the brands themselves—but real-money games cannot be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS app store because of Google and Apple’s restrictive policies against gambling. However, you can use your iPhone to legally access browser-based poker games as long as you’re in a state that legally allows real money online poker.

Can you play online poker for real money on an iPad?

Like with iPhone users, iPad users can access web apps like 888poker but will have no luck on the Apple app store.

Can you play online poker for real money on Android devices?

There are real money poker apps such as those offered by Pokerstars and PKR but these are constantly changing because of web and state policies such as Carbon Poker who recently stopped accepting Australian players but continue to allow registration for American players as long as they’re based in a state where online poker is legal.

Are there mobile gambling sites?

Almost all modern sites have mobile compatibility and can be checked simply by visiting the site and downloading their software to see first hand. Older sites such as Party Poker have revamped to welcome mobile players so don’t be fooled by the age of the site - see for yourself first hand. Or even better - check out the ones we’ve independently ranked for you on our US Poker Sites Guide to see safe mobile-compatible brands go head to head for the top spot on our list!)