Online Poker with Mastercard


Second only to Visa, Mastercard is a household name, one of the most well known and highly reputed credit card brands in the world. Everyone has heard of Mastercard, and for this reason, it is one of the first options that come to mind when making online purchases. The same is true within the online gambling industry.

Can I trust Mastercard?

When it comes to something as important as your money, you can rest easy knowing that Mastercard delivers on that front in spades. They value, above all else, the safety of their client’s personal information and money. To achieve this, many security measures are in place so you can rest assured that nothing asides from your authorized payments will be processed.

Does it take long to make a deposit?

Not at all! It probably took you longer to read this sentence.

With a company that processes as many payments as Mastercard do,  they strive to make sure you spend the least amount of time as possible processing payments so that you can go on about your life more quickly; or in this case, start playing and making the big “BUCKS”

As the saying goes, “Time is Money”, its good to know you don’t have to waste it waiting for the funds to transfer over to your online poker account. Processing time usually happens in a matter of minutes so you’ll be up and gambling in no time at all.

I need help with my Mastercard

If customer service is important to you as it is to me, trust me when I tell you you’re in good hands. Their customer support team are second to none, offering you the attention to detail and care that you wish to have and deserve.

Since Mastercard themselves do not issue credit cards, your first point of contact when you have issues with any transactions is the bank at which you got your card. This is usually the best option as the staffs at the bank would’ve already established a good working relationship with the company you tried to make a transaction to, thereby making it easier for them to resolve the issue with the said company.

If for whatever reasons you would like to make contact with Mastercard directly, you’ll be glad to know they are always within a call or email away.

Credit, Debit and Prepaid cards

Choosing which type of Mastercard depends on several factors. One of which is UIGEA gambling bill which was passed in 2006. Because of this, a number of US players have found it difficult to use their credit/debit cards to deposits funds into online gambling sites.

For this reason, prepaid cards became available and made it easier for players who were having trouble depositing funds with their credit/debit cards. Sometimes there are also special bonuses for using prepaid cards. Please checkout “……” for further details on prepaid cards.

Pros and Cons for the 3 Mastercard options

Pros and Cons for the 3 Mastercard options
Credit CardWidely accepted, safe, quickPotential fees, restricted by limits
Debit CardResponsible gambling, reliable, widely acceptedFinancial details online
Pre-paid CardCredentials safeLimited play

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Mastercard?

Absolutely! It’s about as safe as it gets compared to any other forms of deposit methods. There are several security measures in place both by the credit card company and poker site to make sure your personal information is safeguarded so you can gamble without any worries at all. Debit cards and Prepaid cards are normally very secure also, but just aren’t quite up to the standard as their credit card counterparts.

How can I deposit with Mastercard?

Using Mastercard is one of the simplest method for depositing. Navigate to the deposit option page, find Mastercard option, then follow its simple instructions to complete the deposit and within a few minutes you’ll have your funds in your online poker account.

Can I cash out with Mastercard?

Unfortunately, most players will not be able to cashout with their Mastercards. This is true for most credit cards. However, there are many other options when it comes to cashing out, such as bank wire, check or money transfer.

How long does it take for the deposit to be processed?

One of the primary reasons for using a Mastercard is it’s processing time, which is near instantaneous. You’ll be ready to gamble the moment you complete your deposit. No wasted time what so ever.

What is the deposit limit?

This depends entirely on your site of choice. The minimum is usually around $20, with an upper limit of $1000. Once you’ve become a regular, and earned your ranks so to speak, your maximum limit will be increased, in most cases upto $10,000.

Are there any fees for deposits?

There are usually never any fees charged by the online poker site for using Mastercard to make deposits. However, if using a credit card, then it’s likely you’ll have some sort of fee payable to your bank. Debit card and Prepaid card normally do not incur any extra fees by the banks either.