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Online Poker with American Express (AMEX)

American Express

Depositing with American Express

American Express, aka AMEX, is easily one of the most recognised credit card brands in the world, acting as a staple deposit method of choice in the online gambling industry.

Players always trust a brand that they recognise.

AMEX reciprocates this trust with safe and secure transactions, fast transfers and top notch customer support services. The majority of online poker sites don’t usually charge players with a transaction fee and on top of that, some even provide deposit bonuses for AMEX users. Although, it’s important to note that players can’t withdraw or cashout via this method.

Is American Express Widely Accepted?

Unfortunately, the answer is no and this is due to the banking regulations in the US.

Not every online gambling site accepts AMEX as a deposit method, however you’ll be glad to know that the most reputable online poker sites do. You’ll know when an online poker site accepts this option if you can spot the logo which is generally located on the front page.

Fear not…

If a gambling site doesn’t accept American Express, you can still play online poker using your card. In summary you have two main options. You can pay for a prepaid card of an accepted brand such as Visa and MasterCard or you can open an e-Wallet using a third party payment service.

What are the benefits of both you may ask. Well, if you’re planning to play long-term then we suggest you open up an e-Wallet as it’s likely more convenient and it will ultimately save you time. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick play and don’t gamble regularly then prepaid cards may be the way to go as it’s more responsible and your financial information stays off the internet.

Benefits of American Express Deposits

➤ AMEX transactions are generally free of charges

➤ Trusted fraud protection

➤ Quick transactions for deposits

➤ Bonuses when players make a deposit with select sites

➤ Excellent reward programmes

➤ Larger deposit limits

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMEX recommended for Online Gambling?

If the online gambling website accepts the deposit method, then yes. American Express is known for their reputable services and is extremely secure to use when gaming online.

How do I know if AMEX is accepted?

In general, online poker sites will show their accepted deposit methods on the front page so if you see the American Express logo then you’re in luck!

What are the benefits of using AMEX?

Just to name a few, your financial details will be 100% safe and you also may receive bonuses for depositing via this method.

Are transaction speeds quick?

Absolutely, you’ll find by using American Express that they are one of the fastest methods available for online gambling deposits.

Can I use American Express on mobile?

You sure can. They also have an app that you can download to make managing your money easier.