The Best MoneyGram Poker Sites of 2024

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With over 256,000 agent locations operating in more than 194 countries, MoneyGram International is the second largest money transfer business in the entire world.

It’s particularly popular with players from the USA due to its reliable and fast transaction processing times with online poker. Naturally, MoneyGram is becoming one of the fastest adopted payment methods for gambling.

Here are the best online poker sites in 2024 that accept MoneyGram:

Poker Sites That Accept MoneyGram

America’s Top Rated

4.9 / 5.0
  • Trusted by US Players Since 2001
  • Huge Bad Beat Jackpots
  • Fully Licensed and Regulated
Payout Speed 1-2 Days
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $1000
Secure, Fast Deposit Options

4.3 / 5.0
Secure, Fast Deposit Options
Exclusive Bonus 100% up to $2500

MoneyGram is a payment service that has won the trust of customers in the entire world. The operator owns over 353,000 vendors around the world and in 200 countries, this payment solution has become one of the safest and surest ways to transfer money. Today, online poker sites use MoneyGram to offer a safe banking option to poker fans who don’t want to be caught in legal transfer dilemmas.

The service facilitates payments, as all MoneyGram poker rooms will identify a location that the player is comfortable with, and then proceed to sending the money to the desired vendor. Once there, you will be able to pick your money quickly in exchange of providing a valid ID as well as cover some minor fees. Alternatively, you can also access your money online – via the company’s online service.

Most poker rooms that accept MoneyGram agree that the solution is a preferred banking method among players. Are you interested in finding out more about how to send your money to a location or directly to a bank? Did you know that MoneyGram provides a mobile wallet on top of all other things? There are still a few things to learn about this payment solution and how to use it efficiently to play online poker.  

The Best MoneyGram Online Poker Sites

At OnlinePokerAmerica, we will help you find the best card rooms that accept MoneyGram and explain in detail why certain websites are better than others. As to MoneyGram online poker, this payment solution is very secure as it relies on in-person communication to complete a deposit. In other words, should something go wrong during a transfer, you would have a person to visit at a physical location.

How does this differ from talking to your bank? Bank wires or credit card withdrawals may take less time, but they can easily get complicated. Conversely, handing your money in cash would take slightly longer, but there is no way that the company would misplace or delay your money for example. Plus, there are still MoneyGram poker rooms that offer small bonuses to their players.

Pros and Cons

  • Making cash transfers requires you to physically go to an agency store.
  • More expensive than other payment options, but this is made up for with its almost 100% acceptance rate.
  • Processing time are not as fast as other payment methods.

New to MoneyGram? Here’s What You Need to Know

MoneyGram is a publicly traded money transfer company, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the United States. Even though the company doesn’t specialize in transfer of online poker sites payments, MoneyGram remains a preferred option among many players. MoneyGram is one of the world’s largest payment processor and presently has a footprint in over 200 countries globally.

Today, the company services over 2 billion people facilitating payments of all sort and not least of all helping poker card rooms to keep customers satisfied. Aside from being a nifty way of settling your poker account balance, the company runs a special Plus Rewards scheme, which allows you to cut 20% off your 2nd money transfer.

Overall, the Plus Rewards scheme is quite helpful as it allows you to knock off the pesky fees that are often associated with MoneyGram online poker transfers, which is the main objection of most players in any event.

MoneyGram is also a founder of the namesake MoneyGram Foundation set up in 2013 to focus on philanthropy. The company was briefly involved in a money-laundering scandal back in the 2010s, as unrelated parties have used MoneyGram’s global network of payment options to defraud thousands of people. This led to a significant boost in the company’s security measures and anti-money laundering (AML) checks.

Why Choose MoneyGram Card Rooms?

MoneyGram online poker sites are very handy. They offer multiple payment solutions to begin with, but what sets them apart is the use of a MoneyGram solution. This allows you to bank and navigate the online payment safely. What makes this transaction methods successful and trustworthy is the fact that it’s down in person and at approved vendors.  Some fees still apply as to cover the transfer costs, but MoneyGram is still a preferred method to many. Here are some of the big pluses:

  • Global compliance: MoneyGram allows online poker websites to carry out transactions without breaking any laws.
  • Pick your money in person: One of the biggest advantages of MoneyGram is that it allows you to pick any transfers in person, saving you any hassle with banks and other financial institutions.
  • No potential for fraud: MoneyGram uses complicated safety measures enforceable at the best financial institutions in the world to protect your money.
  • MoneyGram goes online: With an app launched in over a dozen countries now, MoneyGram strives to provide you with detailed breakdown of your financial transactions. The app is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Extra bonuses exist: Some online poker sites that use MoneyGram allow users to pick the occasional welcome bonus that gives them a steady start at the website of their choice. The play funds are usually a small, but sufficient amount.

Overall, MoneyGram offers a slightly different approach to banking and it does incur some fees, but this is a small price to pay for extra security. There is some paperwork to consider here to, but this only boosts the overall security of the payment method.

Cash Out Winnings at MoneyGram Poker Sites

Most MoneyGram poker rooms have fully displayed the process of withdrawing with this specific method. While there are some associated fees these can be offset. Certain poker sites let you have your first transfer for free, plus – the method allows you to use additional discounts.

While cash outs would usually take up to seven business days, MoneyGram is focused on expediency. Depending on your location, you will be able to check up with the vendor you have selected and track the progress of your money. To cash your money, you will need to provide a valid photo ID, whether this is passport, national ID, or a residence permit.

In addition, you might be asked to provide a proof of your address, whether this is a bank statement or a utility bill. To boost the security of its transfer system, MoneyGram will probably allocate poker sites with a Receiver Number. The number will be passed to you by the card room. If the vendor asks you, provide the Receiver Number.

If you want to use MoneyGram to deposit at a poker card room, you will need to visit a specific vendor the website would advise you to and fill out a form. This definitely eats a little of your time, but it also offers a few extra security mechanisms that most other payment methods don’t really live up to.

Making a MoneyGram Deposit at Online Poker Sites

moneygram features

Making a deposit with MoneyGram to fund your online poker room is not difficult at all, even though it takes a bit of time. On the plus side, the process is rather quick, reliable, and with 350,000 vendors around the world – most likely very convenient.

MoneyGram used to be an exclusively retail-based company, but with the arrival of their new mobile app and online window shop, you can place orders online. This definitely facilitates the process a great deal. So, how do you deposit at an online poker site online using MoneyGram?

  • Set up your account and log into MoneyGram’s online platform
  • Fill out the receiver information and specify details as to how much you want to send and how the receiver prefers to get the money
  • Choose your own payment method, whether this is a debit or credit card, or directly through your bank

If you want to visit a physical location and send offline, that’s also possible. You will need to provide a valid ID so as to confirm your identity. Once again, you will have to give specifics as to how the receiver would get their money. Finish the transaction by handing over the money plus the necessary fees.

Speaking of the fees, you are probably wondering: isn’t there a way to facilitate the burden on my poker wallet? MoneyGram offers a decent set of rewards that focus on just that.

MoneyGram Awards for Extra Discounts

The payment processor is happy to help you knock off some of the costs when you do your transfers. While most MoneyGram poker rooms will allow you have the first withdrawal for free, for example, you can get your “Thank You Gift,” part of the company’s Plus Rewards.

There is the Ongoing Rewards offer that reduces your 5th money transfer by 40%, saving you quite a bit of cash. Plus, there is the Premier Status that will allow you to access some other perks. Whether you are sending online or from a vendor’s shop, you contribute to your Rewards status, which helps you cover the transaction fees.

Why transaction fees? MoneyGram operates a rather more paperwork-based system, which puts it between the world of the digital and analogue solutions. As such, you can rest assured that your transactions are always safe, and your poker balance will keep growing whenever you need to deposit.

MoneyGram Operates in the U.S.  

MoneyGram has emerged as a much necessary alternative to most payment options in the United States. Prior to 2006, a time when UIEGA was enforced and most payment processors started avoiding card rooms over an uncertain legal status, most players would use their debit and credit cards.

Today, U.S. players prefer to use MoneyGram online poker sites as they offer a level of security that traditional banks cannot offer for the cited reasons. With poker options growing more popular, and specifically in mainstream markets, as Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, the game is having a shot to attract even more players.

Yet, the best MoneyGram card rooms will make sure that the entire process regarding banking is fully smoothed out. Unlike other payment processors, however, MoneyGram has never had to quit the United States.

In 2012, the company became suspect in abetting crimes of financial nature, but it was later established that third-parties unrelated to the money processor have used its network to defraud people and cover their tracks. Since the lawsuit, MoneyGram has been working on improving the state of its overall security, but it had to pay a $100 million fine for Wire Fraud, as ruled by the U.S. Department of Justice.

While some payment facilitating companies would have qualms about working with poker card room, MoneyGram has remained conveniently available to players in the United States. The company is proud to provide banking options that are free of any restrictions, which is the main strength.

MoneyGram also has an impressive track record to date. It was founded by American Express, one of the country’s most trusted financial processors. One of the strongest upsides about using MoneyGram remains the fact that you don’t run any risks when opting for the company’s services. Still, you must acknowledge that it will take longer to move your money into and out online poker sites this way.

An upside we appreciate at is that overall, the payment option offers you quite a bit in the way of privacy, and this is an advantage that you shouldn’t overlook.

Frequent MoneyGram Questions

Is MoneyGram safe?

As safe as any other deposit methods, with the added benefit of not having to reveal any personal bank details. MoneyGram also relies on hand-to-hand transfer of money in the cases where you don’t trust online services, which is a plus that most alternative payment options don’t have.

How many online gambling sites accept MoneyGram?

The majority of gaming and poker websites in the United States support MoneyGram as an available payment option. This makes the payment method a desirable choice for conducting deposits and withdrawals. For the recommended ones, check out the poker rooms we’ve reported on at the top of the page.

What are the benefits of using MoneyGram?

Poker sites that accept MoneyGram can give you a sense of relief when it comes to depositing, because you will be guaranteed the successful completion of your bank transfer. There is also the Rewards program that reduces the costs of any associated fees a little further which can go a long way for multiple or high deposits.

Are there any fees with MoneyGram?

Yes, MoneyGram has some of the highest charges in the industry, which guarantee that there are no complications with your payment in the long term. The majority of customers are willing to pay the upfront fee because they trust the company implicitly. Thankfully, the Rewards program helps you reduce some of these charges. MoneyGram poker rooms also grant you a free first withdrawal.

How long are the transfer times?

MoneyGram transfers take up to seven business days, depending on how you place the deposit. Online operations are usually quicker, and deposits and withdrawals can sometimes take several hours. Other payment options tend to offer instant transfers, but not necessarily deliver the money quicker. The good news is that once you sign up to their loyalty program, these transfer times are reduced depending on your VIP level.

Is it worth using MoneyGram’s Rewards?

Yes, by signing up for their Rewards system, you will knock off the associated fees with deposits and withdrawals to and from the majority of MoneyGram online poker sites.

Can I use MoneyGram with my mobile phone?

Absolutely! Just download the MoneyGram mobile app and you’ll have the ability to make deposits and withdrawal right at your fingertips. You can also deposit and withdraw money by using the company’s website instead of going to a physical vendor. In the event you want to visit a vendor, though, there are over 350,000 authorized MoneyGram shops around the world.

What happens if MoneyGram cancels a transaction?

In all reported cases, MoneyGram has refunded the sender by offering back both the amount transferred as well as the fees that were paid. The company strives to keep a straight face and while it allows most gaming websites to use its service, the processor is still very much on top of who sends and relieves money.

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