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Busy perusing around the web to find out what goes on behind the scenes, you can be sure she’ll have the answers to your questions. Kate B, or as her friends call her “Ask Kate”, is our own little online gambling Kate-pedia.

Tencent’s Video Poker Culled in China

We are all about regular poker. But the culling of the Texas Hold’em video poker game in China is definitely to be rued and even though it doesn’t affect the big tournaments at all, it’s still a loss for the poker community. Tencent Holdings’ iconic game had come under the blows of the Chinese government [...]

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PokerStars Has Awarded Over $4.5m in Premium Passes

PokerStars has been a bright star on the landscape for poker action. Nobody would be able to deny the organization’s leadership position. Of late, we’ve been chatting away about the Premium Passes on more than one occasion. Today, though, we want to shed a wee bit more light on the matter. Generosity or Skilled Marketing? [...]

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Eibinger Leading in EPT Super High Roller, Barcelona

The EPT Barcelona is taking place right this moment. A number of events have already concluded and quite a few lucky winners have been able to take home significant cash prizes. Now, Austrian poker pro Matthias Eibinger is preparing to take on nine other opponents and win the €100,000 Super High Roller. Eibinger Leading in [...]

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PokerStars to Let Players Have a Say in Tournament Details

The poker community is anticipating in the January’s PokerStars Poker Players Championship and players of varying skill are trying their best to procure a Platinum Pass. The Platinum Passes are a trademark of the majority of tournament hosts, and PokerStars in particular, who are interested in giving incentive to players to try their hand at [...]

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Hon Cheong Wins APPT High Rolling Event

The Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) has had more than one winner. Even though the regular event may have come with a $243,000, the High Roller event was definitely one of the shiniest jewels of the overall competition. Throwing together as many as 124 entrants, the event was a far greater success than the previous [...]

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Join Battle of Malta with 888poker Full Bundle

Batten down the hatches, players! It’s time for a rare opportunity for the whole lot of you. 888poker is now offering you excellent online qualifiers to make it all the way to Malta where you will participate in the Main Event. The Battle of Malta is upon us, and the question is, can you get [...]

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PokerStars Releases New Game Unfold

PokerStars has decided to make clean breasts and reveal its latest game. Promising to capture the fancy of its players, the Unfold is upon us. The company has definitely been quite successful in coming up with new and exciting ways to keep us entertained. Unfolding Poker’s Most Exciting Aspects As is the wont of PokerStars, [...]

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Update: Badziakouski Wins Final Table at Triton

We have been following the Triton Super High Roller Series held in Jeju, South Korea with no small interest. Indeed, the event has turned out to be quite exciting in its own right and having people pile on, spectate, and (in the case of a few bold souls) play, has been a confirmation to that. [...]

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