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Busy perusing around the web to find out what goes on behind the scenes, you can be sure she’ll have the answers to your questions. Kate B, or as her friends call her “Ask Kate”, is our own little online gambling Kate-pedia.

Estonia Welcomes Back Cash Game Festival

Photo Credit: Cash Game Festival Estonia will host an interesting event, providing players from the world over an opportunity to rake in profit if their skill allows them. The Cash Game Festival is hitting the capital, Tallinn, from November 21 through November 25. Estonia hosts the Cash Game Festival The Cash Game Festival will be [...]

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Absolute Poker Scandal Finally to Be Settled in Full

Fund loss resulting from the Absolute Poker scandal back in 2007 may finally be compensated, the Garden City Group (GCG) has revealed. More players will be offset for the poker fiasco that took place over a century ago. Absolute Poker and the Existence of the Master Account The Garden City Group (GCG) is the organization [...]

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WSOP Horseshoe Hammond Draws Big Crowds

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) have been doing a fine job of maintaining the game’s popularity. Last week’s WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Hammond Opening Event can only serve as a stellar example of how events ought to be organized. The WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Hammond Opening Event The World Series of Poker has managed to throw [...]

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U.S. Poker Open Returns in February, 2019

Poker tournaments in the United States are quite the common sight. Some are already institutionalized as indelible part of the country’s identity whereas others are only beginning to gain traction. The U.S. Poker Open is an event that is only now shaping up as a major pow-wow. U.S. Poker Open Is Back Again The second [...]

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Social Gaming Company Cafrino to Merge Its Poker Platforms

Renowned social gaming company, Cafrino has recently announced that it will be merging the 1.5 million online poker players from two of its online poker platforms, that is, Cafrino and the National League of Poker (NLOP).  The new integrated platform will now be operating under the National League of Poker’s banner at www.nlop.com. The merger, [...]

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WSOP Circuit & Europe Beat On

Following the world’s poker events can be a full-time job. There’s just so much to take in at first. However, we are here to make sense of the influx of information and lay it bare for you. The WSOP Circuit at King’s Casino is currently on, and quite a bit has already happened. WSOP Circuit [...]

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WPT Borgata Poker Open Crowns Erkut Yilmaz

The WPT Borgata Poker Open has just concluded and we seem to have our winner. Erkut Yilmaz has managed to outpace 1,075 competitors, making it to the very top and earning himself a place among the winners. It has been a feat to admire and Yilmaz definitely has his own reasons to be happy. Not [...]

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