Privacy Policy

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We want you to have complete confidence when visiting our website that your privacy is going to be respected and as such we have made this website a free of charge one to use and visit and you are never forced at any time to supply us with any of your own personal details when visiting this site.

We also look forward to receiving feedback or suggestions from any of our many website visitors, and as such we can confirm that should you choose to contact us, and our contacts details can be found on the contact us page of the site, then we are never going to use the email address that you contacted us for any other reason than to reply to your questions.

All of the third party websites we mention or have links to on this website will have their own privacy policies and as such you should read through those privacy policies if and when you visit any third party websites we have links to or have mentioned anywhere on this website.

When you visit our system collects data regarding your use of our website automatically using cookies, server logs and other similar technologies. Cookies are small data files that include anonymous UUIDs (Universal Unique Identifiers) and are sent from the website to your browser to be stored on your local drive. Data collection includes, but is not limited to, information about your visit, navigational behaviour, visit counts and more. Cookies do not allow us to technically nor legally collect any personal information about you and we do not generally store any personal information even if you provided it to us.

Non-personal information we collect is used for the following purposes:

1. To improve the content of our web pages regarding layout and design
2. To prevent you from seeing irrelevant advertisements
3. To analyse traffic volumes and determine the most popular pages of our website
4. To deliver information you request from the website

We treat our visitors’ privacy concerns with the utmost care so if you believe we haven’t been 100% compliant with certain points with respect to your personal information, you can get in touch with our compliance team via and submit a complaint. It’s important that you include as much detail as you can in your report regarding why you believe the website’s privacy policy has been breached so we can investigate appropriately.

Last Updated: June 26th 2018