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Whether you are enjoying some poker action on the floors of a brick-and-mortar casino or even at home, one of the things that will be at your table are poker chips. Poker chips and the corresponding poker chip values are often taken for granted. Still, they are pretty important not just because they eliminate the tedious nature of having to deal with coins or notes but also because they make the game more enjoyable.

At the poker tables, the player’s chips represent the player’s money. The chips always come in different colors and denominations based on the stakes, but this will also vary from one place to the next.

In this guide, we dive into the concept of poker chips in order to help you know how to use them at cash games or to help you set up a great home poker game.

We will take a look at the following:

Standard Poker Chip Values

It is important to note that there are currently no official rules that govern the way chip values are assigned. This lack of official gaming chip color and denomination standards could possibly lead to a bit of confusion for some people. Poker rooms are free to select their own chip colors and assign their corresponding chip values to them.

Image of Standard Poker Chip Values
Above you can see the standard poker chip colors used in most poker rooms

However, this is usually not always the case. Most poker rooms often stick to some commonly used colors and standard poker chip values in order to make it easier for players to enjoy the games. The same applies to so many home poker games where the organizers often use standard poker chip values to avoid any sort of confusion.

Some of the poker chip color values that you are most likely to come across at most of the poker tables you will play at are list in the value chart below:

Chip Color Chip Value
White $1
Red $5
Orange $10
Yellow $20
Green $25
Black $100
Purple $500
Maroon $1,000

Again, these values and colors do not necessarily represent what you will come across at all of the casinos or poker games you will go to. They, however, offer a great idea of the typical denominations that you are more likely to find both at casinos and home poker games. Maroon which is the highest value poker chip color, for instance, can be very hard to find in casual gaming tables since only extra high rollers will be willing to bet that much.

Tournament Chip Colors and Values

Naturally, just like in standard casino poker games, poker chips used in poker tournaments are colored differently in order to represent different values. As a matter of fact, tournament poker chips are even sized differently due to the higher levels of play that are usually involved.

Now, even though tournaments may involve players having up to millions in poker chips in front of them, these chips do not represent their face value in actual money. They are only used for playing purposes since, obviously, playing with millions in actual cash can be very difficult.

Now, in most cases, tournaments start with players receiving the standard number of chips which they will use to play towards increasing their values. As the blinds and the antes increase, larger chip values are added to the tournament while the smaller valued chips are colored up then set aside.

Image of WSOP Tournament Poker Chip Value Color
You can see above the poker chip value colors used at the WSOP tournaments

When speaking of poker tournaments, perhaps the first one that comes to mind is the World Series of Poker (WSOP). During WSOP tournaments, the players start with green and black whose values are 25 and 100 respectively. As the tournament progresses, the more high-value and differently-colored chips are added.

To give you a glimpse of this, here is a values chart for the WSOP tournament poker chips:

WSOP Tournament Chip Color WSOP Tournament Chip Value
Green $25
Black $100
Light Blue $500
Yellow $1000
Orange $5000
Dark Green $25,000
Lavender $100,000
Beige $250,000
Red (Oversized) $500,000
Yellow (Oversized) $1,000,000
Purple Oversized $5,000,000

As you will come to find out sooner or later, none of this is cast in stone. The poker chip color values and sizes are subject to change based on a number of factors.

Poker Chip Values at Home

Poker is a fun and engaging game but not everyone will enjoy the atmosphere that casinos have. Besides, sometimes you may just want to dive into a bit of poker action in the company of your friends and family. The best way to go about this would be by setting up your own poker game. This is incredibly easy considering all of the resources that are readily available in that regard. Playing at home essentially gives you more control of the game compared to playing at a casino.

Image of Home Poker Chip Values
Playing poker at home? Use this chart for a guide on chip colors

When it comes to the poker chips, there is really no limit as to how you should assign the values. However, it is very important to ensure that everyone participating in your home poker games fully understands how the values have been assigned. You can even draw up a values chart to help make things easier.

Perhaps the most convenient thing to do would be to use the standard poker chip values that are typically used all over the world.

These standard values are as follows:

Home Chip Colors Value
White $1
Red $5
Blue $10
Green $25
Black $100

If your home poker game grows any further, there is always the option of adjusting the starting stacks and chip values appropriately. You can also switch up the colors if that is a preference. Just make sure that you keep every player in the loop to avoid any confusion.

Is there a difference in Poker Chip Values around the world?

Poker games are pretty similar across the globe. The United States and the United Kingdom are two of the most expansive poker markets on the planet. As such, they have been known to influence the poker culture in different ways.

In the United States, most casinos use multi-colored poker chips for both cash games and tournaments, something that was mostly popularized by Las Vegas-based casinos. These chips have distinct differentiating factors for security purposes.

In the United Kingdom and most of Europe, the use of multi-colored chips is a also big part of the poker culture.

However, the biggest difference lies in the fact that casinos in the region often opt for colored rectangular plaques when it comes to representing higher denominations.

Plaques are quite popular and their uses extend to major tournaments.

Why Are Poker Chips So Important?

Poker chips are not just simply substituting for real money during poker games. They are a key aspect of the poker culture and this is what makes them such an important piece. For your casino gaming and tournament adventures, the poker chips you will find are definitely going to be of very high quality. The same goes for home poker games since there so many great options available in as far as chipsets are concerned.

Find one that tickles your fancy and see just how much ambiance they add to your poker gaming experience.

Poker Chip Values FAQ

What are poker chip values?

Poker chip values are simply the unit of money or currency that the poker chip represents.

Why do poker players use chips?

In most poker games where huge sums of money are involved, chips offer a more uniform option that is easier to tally compared to notes or coins.

What are the values of colored poker chips?

Different colored poker chips will correspond to different sums of money and even though this may vary from one poker table to the next, most people tend to stick to the standard poker chip values stated earlier in this article.

How many chips do players get at a tournament?

In most of the popular poker tournaments, each of the participating players will start off with between 50 and 75 poker chips with different values.

What types of poker chips are there?

The most common types of poker chips available today are plastic, clay, ceramic and composite chips.