Poker AI and Blockchain: The Future of iGaming Platforms

Throughout the history of online gambling and even land-based gambling we’ve heard of or even seen cases of irresponsible gambling take place. Most recently the British online casino company licensed in Gibraltar was fined £2m for failing responsible gambling intervention with one of their players whose addiction was fueled by finance way beyond his means. […]

The History of Poker: Where Did the Game Originate From?

Poker you may think came out of the dusty, smoky parlors of Nevada long before Las Vegas formed as the center of the game’s universe. While the evidence of poker’s actual origins is scant, there are persisting motifs that have allowed us find out a little more about the actual origins of the game. Some […]

Top 20 Hottest Female Poker Players of 2020

As poker continually increases in popularity, it’s inevitable that the game will catch the eyes of men and women from all over the world. Over the past decade we’ve seen more and more female poker players join the fray in the competitive sport who have a combination of both beauty and intelligence. Below we’ve compiled […]

Dogs Playing Poker: Over 100 Years of History and 10 Factoids

Without a speck of doubt, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, or C.M. Coolidge for short, best known work remains Dogs Playing Poker. Yet, there are many unknowns or rather – curious facts surrounding the series of paintings that have etched themselves in our collective memory. For starters, perhaps very few people know that the popular name refers […]

7 of The Biggest Ever Poker Comebacks

It’s the thrill, the emotions, and skill involved that attract every fan to their sport of choice. The last two weigh heavily on both the fan and the player and that is evident in major on-pitch sports such as soccer. Take for example the 2018/2019 champions league semi-final pitting Barcelona against Liverpool. In the first […]

Top 10 Best Poker Films of Our Time

Poker has always been an intense game and borderline art form. Hollywood is not known to miss out on a good plot for a movie and that is why poker has been featured in some of the best productions of our time. From the well-known Casino Royale to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, the […]

How Poker Translates into Better Business Skills

Poker is both loved and hated, welcomed and vilified. Yet, some of the world’s smartest and most successful men and women engage in this card game as a favorite pastime. Maria Konnikova – worth $296,267 in poker winnings – an academic PhD researcher, turned poker pro, has been excelling at the game for a while […]

What Is Strip Poker and Where You Can Play Online

Poker has always been a lightsome activity to certain type of players, and online strip poker is the way to enjoy a beloved game and have cheerful social encounters. While it’s mostly men who play strip poker today, the Internet has empowered quite a few women to join these gaming rooms and have a go […]

8 Untold Truths About Being a Poker Pro

Being a poker pro is definitely an exciting career opportunity, but it comes with challenges that regular lines of work simply don’t have. Some see those as drawbacks, others welcome them as incentives. In any event, it’s a career option that has tempted many, but is not fit for all. Today we take a look […]