The 5 Biggest Winners in Casino History: What Do They Do Now?

They will forever be remembered as the luckiest people on Earth. The biggest casino winners in history have been the envy of generations, pocketing huge amounts of cash from casinos completely unapologetically. And while we constantly hear about who wins the lottery jackpot, the rather de-centralized nature of casinos has kept us in the dark […]

10 Casino Heists to Remember: From Bill Brennan to Heather Tallchief

Casino heists are the plots of many Hollywood movies, usually formed by some “what if” scenarios conjured up by either the protagonist or antagonist in hopes to get rich. For most, our logical side prevails, ruling against all the potential risks no matter the reward. Then again, most of us aren’t movie stars so we […]

How Casinos Catch Card Counters

They thought that the world was their oyster. Then, technology caught up with them. Card counters are the bane of casinos, but this perennial game of cat and mouse is entering a new stage. The big question is: how to spot a card counter? Casinos seem to have found an interesting solution by recruiting card […]