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Poker has always been a lightsome activity to certain type of players, and online strip poker is the way to enjoy a beloved game and have cheerful social encounters. While it’s mostly men who play strip poker today, the Internet has empowered quite a few women to join these gaming rooms and have a go at it. While in the past women would feel intimidated to participate in such companies, playing on the Internet has offered them safety and quite a bit of confidence.

Meanwhile, the game continues to be played between small groups of friends or married couples for the sake of fun. Even though this kind of frolicking isn’t everyone’s favorite, there are quite a few people who continue to play to this date.

Origins of Strip Poker, Online and Otherwise

Strip poker didn’t originate online and it was instead introduced in the early 20th century. Starting rather timidly, the interconnectivity the world achieved in the past hundred years quickly allowed strip poker to gain a global recognition, though to some it was notoriety. There have been all sort of saucy rumors as to how strip poker came to be.

A game of strip poker at home.
Friends playing strip poker at home. Photo credit: Shoppy

Is Online Strip Poker Really a Thing?

There has been a fair amount of skepticism as to whether people actually engage in such activities, disclosing themselves to complete strangers over the Internet. The activity is indeed popular. In fact, huge crowds are sometimes gathered together to play, such as on the occasion of 2006 Paddy Power Entertainment Strip Poker Tournament hosted in London, the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, there seems to be many communities that host such events both online and offline. Depending on the player’s preferences, you can participate online or in person. With this being said, let’s take a look at the places that let you play online strip poker today.

Where Can I Play Online Strip Poker?

Strip poker websites are usually group exclusive or event-based so it might be difficult to find a regular place to play. Regardless, before you throw yourself in the deep end with strip poker (especially if you’re a beginner at the game) we recommend you practice on our recommended US friendly poker sites first so you increase your chances of winning.

Online strip poker sites are for the most part less strict when it comes to verifying your identity, so while your face may appear online, which is not required, you will still feel fairly safe, as your anonymity will be guaranteed at the best such poker venues.

Anonymity is key to the success of any website dedicated to offering such versions of the game, too. Speaking of the versions, you will find that when it comes to strip poker, anything goes, from Omaha to Texas Hold’em to 5-Card Stud, it’s all there.

In fact, most poker portals simplify the game further so as to put emphasis on the fact that everyone has come here for playing in the nuddy. Whether you choose to wager money or play for fun, the one true condition of the game is always there and you always need to remove a piece of clothing when you join one such event.

Men Play Far More Than Women

The statistics are quite definitive. Men are usually the largest demographic who plays and even to date there is a stilted balance. Therefore, you can expect the majority of websites today to be pay-per-view venues where a young chap can play against a beautiful model.

Strip poker in the Taking Off
The strip poker scene from “Taking Off”

To “win” and see the opponent stripped to the bone, a player must learn how to outplay the website’s agents, which is not always an easy task. You could “cheat” at some websites and pay for a “handicap” whereby the opponent will start with fewer items of clothing, but if you can’t focus with a full set of clothes, denuding an attractive young lady or man wouldn’t help in the slightest.

How Can I Play Strip Poker

If you are looking to have fun playing this game, you will definitely have to be prepared to abide by the rules. Regardless of the setting, online or offline, communication is key. You can’t just show up at a strip poker venue or even log into a room and keep quiet. People do find this a little strange and it can dampen the overall mood of the game.

Instead, play the game only if you are perfectly comfortable with who you are, what your body looks like and if you have no problem with what others look like. It’s as simple as that. To play actual strip poker, you will need to make sure to follow these easy steps:

  1. Find a reputable online website with proven track record
  2. Compare player opinions regarding privacy and safety
  3. Choose your pseudonym carefully and unrelated to anything identifiable
  4. Consider wearing a small mask to protect your identity

Many people are rather shy at showing up at online strip poker games as they fear that someone might take advantage of their proclivities. These risks are not necessarily unfounded and it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are keeping your personal information safe, and not least of all your face.

Plus, when you choose to put an item of clothing that will conceal a bit of your face, you are effectively adding a bit to the ambiance and excitement of the game itself.

Video Games that Offer Online Strip Poker

Now, while playing with other people is always fun, gaming today can be single player as well as multiplayer. With this in mind, there are a number of video games that allow you to play versus virtual opponents developed as regular games with clearly erotic elements in them.

A gameplay footage from Sexy Poker.
What would your next move be?

These games are also rather more explicit in nature as people usually set boundaries to their strip poker sessions when playing in person, but they are usually a little more adventurous in their own fantasies.

As such, there are lot of possible titles here, including Kamapoker, Sexy Poker and others developed by men’s magazines such as Playboy and Hustler.

Bring Your Friends Along

Playing strip poker on your own could be a little dispiriting, but you can always take your friends along on the ride and see where this gets you.

Still, you should keep in mind that many people are rather more conservative in their views, so you shouldn’t risk something being misinterpreted as an insult unless you are absolutely sure that the other person or people would take the suggestion in good faith. Online strip poker is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and it shouldn’t be imposed on people, one way or another.

Strip Poker in Popular Culture

Strip poker has been featured in various movies throughout the years starting as early as 1940 with Mad Youth, a low-budget melodrama, and then followed by the short documentary released in 1966 and entitled A Sneak Peak at Strip Poker. The game continued to appear in pop culture throughout the years with Taking Off, a comedy directed by Milos Forman in 1971, featuring the game as well.

Apart in movie references, the game was mentioned by the largest men’s magazines in the United States, including by Playboy which published a dedicated Playboy’s Book of Games in 1972. In modern day, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face featured the game briefly and the American Pie franchise alluded to it on multiple occasions.

The game also appeared in The Social Network, a movie romanticizing the creation of Facebook and how Mark Zuckerberg went from a college student to one of the richest entrepreneurs in history.

The Future of Strip Poker Online

With virtual reality solutions just around the corner, online strip poker can only get a more cherished form of entertainment. While some don’t enjoy the rather pixelated and animated opponents they will find in Kamapoker and Sexy Poker, VR offers a completely different approach to the whole idea.

Yet, the technology has some strides to make before it can offer you a fully simulated environment in which everyone can carousal as much as they please. VR does offer a new layer of realism that will definitely appeal to the majority of players today, and strip poker online is just one of the many possibilities.