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The World Poker Tour has announced the dates for the final tables that will be held at the HyperX Esports Arena, the Las Vegas multi-purpose venue hosting competitive video gaming and top-notch poker competitions in equal measures.

Poker and Esports Closer Together under the Roof of HyperX

Back in May, 2018, the World Poker Tour (WPT) hinted that the host will hold several events in collaboration with the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. The WPT wants to fully benefit from the production capacities of the venue, which was designed to stream in high quality.

Though the association between poker and esports is not always well-met, a lot of poker professionals, including Eugene Katchalov, quit the felt to pursue esports ventures. Mr. Katchalov created a company that advises people competing in digital card games, such as Hearthstone. With Magic: The Gathering receiving $10 million in prizing money for 2019, more poker professionals may shine an eye upon the forbidden fruit of esports.

Back to the WPT, though, the HyperX Esports Arena is perfectly fit to deliver the necessary of production quality that will guarantee that both on-site and online spectators will be entertained and caught up with the developments. The facility was built by Allied Espots at a Luxor Hotel and the studios are owned by Ourgame International Ltd. The facility is part of Ourgame’s larger plan to deliver 10 top-shelf arenas across the world.

Already a Familiar Player

WPT has already experienced the highly-polished environment of the HyperX recording studios, with the Season XV Tournament of Champions event taking place there. The event saw Matt Waxman soar to victory, adding almost $464,000 to his name and overcoming a worthy contender in the face of Matas Cimbolas, who finished second.

On the occasion, WPT CEO Adam Pliska expressed his satisfaction with the venue and the technical readiness of the HyperX arena to deliver impeccable broadcasts spreading the word.

As soon as we saw this space, we knew this could really be a great opportunity. It allows us to give that sport experience. We are so proud that we will be able to use this facility in the future and do some innovative things coming up. WPT CEO Adam Pliska

According to WPT VP of Global Tour Management, Angelica Hael, the choice of venue has been quite apt and it made perfect sense to be the HyperX Arena. The event will kick off on March 12 with the $10,000 WPT Gardens Poke Championship.

FOX Sports Network will be in charge of recording and broadcasting the final tables of the WPT competition. FOX has been partnering with the WPT on and off since 2008 in the very least. The players who make it to the final six tables will have all their out-of-pocket expenses covered.

The high-production venue paired with the popularity of the WPT brand is mutually beneficial, with both esports and poker competitions benefiting from it. Ourgame has cleverly developed an arena that can serve multiple-purposes and thus stay busy around the year, hosting different events and driving steady crowds of poker and gaming enthusiast.

In the worlds of Hael, choosing this specific venue for the final tables would create to a “world of possibilities” for the competition.