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  • Planet Hollywood is reportedly the latest poker room to shut down in Las Vegas
  • The cardroom employees have joined social media discussion confirming the news
  • This makes for a total of five cardrooms closed so far in Las Vegas following the pandemic

The Planet Hollywood poker room will be shutting down operations as social media and several sources have confirmed the news.

Planet Hollywood Withdraws from the Las Vegas Poker Scene 

Another iconic card room is reportedly pulling the plug, as confirmed by PokerNews earlier this week. Planet Hollywood will be shutting down its card room based on unconfirmed reports by casino employees, the media informed. That would make for a fifth shuttered card room in recent months, an unavoidable consequence of the pandemic which paralyzed in-person events, which are slowly returning back.

Other venues to have shut down recently include Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Binion’s, and Excalibur. According to the media outlet, which is covering the Wynn Millions event, Planet Hollywood’s poker room will join the list of excellent places to leave Las Vegas. 

The media informs that while it has spoken with employees, there has been no official confirmation by the casino or any announcement by Caesars Entertainment, which owns Planet Hollywood. The Pleasure Pit, which is the cardroom’s moniker, is a different type of setup entirely.

The casino makes sure that the poker tables are placed out in the open and that most players are mingled with the rest of the gaming floor, which may not appeal to everyone. PokerNews is not the only company reporting on the closure, though. 

Social Media Users Confirm Shutdown 

Vital Vegas, a leading local media outlet focusing on the casino business, has tweeted on Wednesday and said that it had it on good authority that Planet Hollywood’s poker room is indeed shutting down. 

Twitter seemed to take the news seriously, though, and some users even argued that they had just been laid off. One Chris Mudd wrote, “Yep, I work there. I mean, I used to work there. CLOSED.” The cardroom has not been active for a while now.

Its social account went under in October 2020 with no new updates, and the last major event to be held at the card room was the WSOP Circuit Planet Hollywood. Card rooms have been shutting actively in Las Vegas in what can signal a readjustment of the entire industry. 

Yet, hopes are that after the dust of Covid-19 has settled, the card room will restart at full capacity, and some retired ones may return. If so, Planet Hollywood has a unique ambiance and atmosphere that will be very much welcomed.