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  • Las Vegas welcome players without the masks if they are fully vaccinated
  • Nevada gaming regulators agree that each property can self-regulate mask usage
  • Las Vegas is just a few months away from the restart of mass live poker

As Las Vegas prepares to welcome back multi-million poker tournaments, some of the restrictions regarding face masks have dropped, giving the Silver State a fast-track back to normalcy.

Nevada Lifts Masks Restrictions at Casino Floors

Poker players in Las Vegas and Nevada can finally ditch the face masks, albeit with a small catch. They must be fully vaccinated to do so. Regardless, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has confirmed, along with the state’s gaming regulators, that each casino will now be in full control of its own face coverings policies.

The news follows an announcement by the CDC on Thursday which said that fully vaccinated persons may now stop wearing masks indoors and outdoors. However, Nevada is going to let each casino decide whether they want to follow up with CDC’s recommendations on their own gaming properties.

As it turns out, private businesses will have the right to be more restrictive if they choose to. However, gaming regulators will no longer track players for face masks on-site, with the onus now being entirely on casino operators to do so.

Yet, things are looking up for live poker in the United States and its gambling heartland. Wynn Resorts became the first casino to ditch plexiglass dividers a week ago, and things have been going on smoothly.

Some 18 properties in Las Vegas have announced that they would proceed with the recommendations and allow individuals who have received two doses of any approved vaccine to attend their gaming properties without face coverings.

However, restrictions for amenities remain. The other good news is that tables are returning to full capacity and so are gaming floors.

Monitoring Customers for Vaccination Proves Tricky

While this is terrific news for anyone looking to enjoy a bit of normalcy in their game of poker, there are still some challenges that remain in place. For example, gaming operators can indeed allow vaccinated individuals to not wear masks but paradoxically they cannot ask for proof of vaccination.

In other words, gaming properties will have to take players’ word for it, which may prove less than ideal. Many properties are now scaling up their operations, though, including Caesars Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, MGM and not least Wynn, among others.

While everyone is elated at the opportunity to return back to normal, there are a few caveats to be mindful of. None of the properties want to have a repeat scenario of 2020 when they were forced shut. Yet, with numbers in Las Vegas declining in terms of COVID-19 infected patients, it seems like there is not much to worry about.

If anything, Wynn Resorts is bringing a $10 million live poker event on June 25 which will prove one of the biggest pulls for the desert city in terms of live poker. Wyn Lass Vegas already kicked off its $1 million GTD event, and everything seems to be going according to plan.