Global Poker

A Look at Global Poker’s Jackpot Sit’n’Gos

Anyone who has tried Global Poker’s Jackpot Sit’n’Gos knows just how much of a boost they can be to any player’s bankroll. The Jackpot Sit’n’Gos which made their debut on the platform in February have already paid out a whopping SC$15 million! This popular game format which only lasts a few minutes was launched as […]

Brandt Iden Sewing Up Michigan Legislation on Online Poker

The midterm elections in Michigan were a close call but somehow Brandt Iden managed to come out on top, thus keeping the hopes of poker fans alive. Maybe the numbers of November’s elections don’t exactly tally with how the state representative envisioned his win, but his favorable view on gaming is exactly what die-hard gamblers […]

Global Poker to Introduce $250,000 Tournaments in December

Global Poker becomes the latest organization that will seek to reward the efforts of poker players in December, with the card room hosting a number of events for the total prizing money of $250,000. Seeing 2018 Off $250,000 Richer It’s the end of the year and a number of card rooms, from PokerStars, to Unibet, […]

GP Eagle Cup II Enters Final Week

Following several days of poker action, The Global Poker Championships of Global Poker is finally looking at its end days. However, the success of the event hardly means that it won’t be returning for yet another year in future! Last Days Action of the Eagle Cup II The Global Poker Championship of Global Poker is […]

Globak Poker’s Eagle Cup Continues in Day 2

The time is upon us and the Eagle Cup II has arrived, outdoing our most daring predictions. The organizers from Global Poker have quickly decided to reward participants with a few extra top-offs on the existing guarantees and to reciprocate the appreciation the tournament has got out of the gamers who have opted for a […]

Global Poker’s Eagle Cup Is Back

Global Poker is returning with the Eagle Cup again. It hasn’t been one of the most popular events, but it has certainly built a steady following and the rare occasions when the Eagle Cup reared its head, the fans cheered with delight. Today, this poker pow-wow is back with quite a few events to its […]

Global Poker drops PayPal for WorldPay

Global Poker (GP), the company owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds, has managed to bring around one of the most important change to the US poker landscape – a legal poker portal that accepts US players. GP is de facto assuming an innovative approach whereby its offer doesn’t fall under the category of gambling, although it […]

Global Poker Adds Worldpay, Introduces Omnicommerce

The poker industry has not been marked just by stories of success and exclusive plays. In fact, there is a fair deal of actual marketing opportunities and strategic partnerships going on. VGW’s subsidiary Global Poker has announced that it will be adding a variety of payment options for its customers to enjoy. Global Poker caters […]

The Dark Knight Rises – How Mike Coombs Rose to Victory

It has taken many attempts, but Mike ‘DarkKnight17’ Coombs has been able to achieve success at a Global Poker (GP) tournament, fulfilling his goal of besting some of the best pros to take part in the event. Previously, Mr Coombs failed to secure a title, ending as the runner-up at three events. Finally, Mr Coombs […]