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Global Poker is returning with the Eagle Cup again. It hasn’t been one of the most popular events, but it has certainly built a steady following and the rare occasions when the Eagle Cup reared its head, the fans cheered with delight. Today, this poker pow-wow is back with quite a few events to its name.

Global Poker and the Return of the Eagle Cup

The Eagle Cup is one of Global Poker’s most successful tournament series. Following a short hiatus, the United States’ largest growing poker operator, or in the very least – one of those – is now back on track with bringing top-notch poker action to the fans and players. But the industry has been growing at large across the entire country, adding other elements as well. In itself, the Eagle Cup has all the trappings of a major competition. The prize pool is said to have increased to $750,000, providing many players with a fantastic opportunity to pile on and win big.

Meanwhile, the event will feature 135 side gigs across which all participants will have an opportunity to walk away from the event all the richer. With the new competition beginning in less than a week from now, the Eagle Cup will be running from September 30 through 21 October, making for one of the longest-running poker gigs presently.

Naturally, the tournament has been created to cater to the needs of all participating players. This means that budget players and well-heeled professionals alike will have an opportunity to join the event and gradually fight their way to the top.

Reaping the Rewards

Winning at the Eagle Cup is definitely going to be worth your while. If you manage to distinct yourself, you will be awarded the champions pack sponsored by Global Poker along with a trophy that will grant you bragging rights in front of your fellow gamers. The whole event will kick off with a Freeroll event, which will be held on September 31.

The real poker action is slated to only arrive a day later on October 1. With 135 events underway, you will definitely be in no shortage of brilliant options! The buy-ins range from $0 to $218 for the Main Event. It will make little difference how much you come along with, as all threshold will be accessible, narrowing the gap between budget and rich players.

Each of the events will come with a respectable prize pool. For the Main Event NLHE $100,000 Deep, you can be on of the skilled individuals to pluck the big winnings and walk away happily.

Wrapping up the Eagle Cup

The best thing about the upcoming pow-wow is that it’s going to be on for a whole month! This will provide you with sufficient opportunities to enjoy high-skilled poker for a while. Not only that, but you can participate yourself, expecting to reap quite a few rewards whatever your skill level is. There have been many awesome events just recently, including PokerStars’ largest online tournament on record.

There’s no exact number as to how many people will turn up, but with 135 and $700,000 on the table, the hosts expect to see quite a few friendly faces show up just to check out what the commotion is all about if anything. We will keep you posted.