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Following several days of poker action, The Global Poker Championships of Global Poker is finally looking at its end days. However, the success of the event hardly means that it won’t be returning for yet another year in future!

Last Days Action of the Eagle Cup II

The Global Poker Championship of Global Poker is looking at its final week of the Eagle Cup II festival. The overall competition features 81 events, 60 of which have already been concluded successfully over the past several days.

The contestants who managed to overcome the competition in their respective event of choice brought home an iconic Eagle trophy, which came along with a Global Poker Champions pack. The pack itself was filled with branded merchandise as well.

By all estimates, the event has been successful, reverberating across social media and winning the outright affections of contesters themselves. As to the specifics of the competitive events, they have been quite diverse accommodating players of different backgrounds and budgets.

Whatever their means and intentions, people can play at low, medium and high entry levels of card games. And there are still events to be examined in full. The event will bring more dedicated games that can be accessed at varying buy-ins, between $5.50 and $33. As of today, Friday, October 19, we can expect the following games taking place:

  • 23-L: PLO $2,000 GTD
  • 23-M: PLO $3,500
  • 23-H: PLO $5,000

While the event will continue through October 21, the final leg entitled Tournament of Champions is taking place later, on October 28.

The Point of the Eagle Cup II

The Eagle Cup II is yet another opportunity to explore the immense landscape of poker in the United States. With the hosts of the actual event being committed to bringing authentic events and professional coverage, Global Poker has become an institution in its own right.

The crowning leg of the race is, as mentioned before, is the Eagle Cup Tournament of Championship, and it will come right after the dust of the Main Event has settled.

To qualify there, however, players will need to finish in the top two positions of any of the games leading up to the actual competition. As there will be a seven-day break, this will allow hosts and players to prepare the final event and bring yet another action.

While the prize may seem like a modest increment, it’s still $10,000 worth taking. Another live tournament package will be handed to the winner. The package is estimated at $5,000.

The Friday Global Poker action may seem a bit tepid, but it will only get better over the weekend when 12 separate events are expected to get underway between October 20 and October 21. The lowest event you would be able to join is the $5.50 NLHE $2,500 and if you are looking to pay up more, then you may want to consider the $218 Main Event NLHE $100,000, which is definitely what most of the competitors are eagerly waiting for.

The Global Poker have demonstrated their prowess for organizing excellent competitive pow-wows dedicated to poker time and again. What’s left is for us to appreciate them until the very end.