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Global Poker (GP), the company owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds, has managed to bring around one of the most important change to the US poker landscape – a legal poker portal that accepts US players. GP is de facto assuming an innovative approach whereby its offer doesn’t fall under the category of gambling, although it accepts both real-money players and those who seek recreational ones. The website is also now reshaping its offer and dropping PayPal as the payment service it uses to carry out deposits and withdrawals. Meanwhile, Global Poker remains active on social media, too, announcing winners names and staying engaged with its community.

Enter WorldPay

Global Poker spends a fair bit of time trying to integrate PayPal as its payment process. It took it quite a bit of tinkering and finally, the portal managed to run PayPal as a hassle-free way of settling any payment in the United States. From a legal standpoint, GP has also had smooth sailing. However, amid the increasing concerns that a single-payment method is too restrictive, GP has decided to drop PP and adopt WorldPay instead.

GP CEO Laurence Escalante has commented on the matter saying: ”One thing our customers have made clear to us is that they would like more choice when it comes to payment methods. WorldPay’s extensive network and vast expertise allow us to give our players this choice”.

WorldPay will ensure that all players who sign up for GP will have a number of possible ways of withdrawing and depositing in the poker room. However, PayPal is one of the best-established e-wallets in the world. Speedy transactions and superb community support are just a few of the features that guarantee that PP is a market leader whereas WorldPay has yet to live up to serious expectations.

There haven’t been particular complaints against PayPal. In fact, users have been quite satisfied with the overall experience the website’s payment option has been able to provide in terms of speed and reliability, as forum posts have shown.

Some Catching Up to Do

Having a closer examination of the GP’s software suite, it’s definitely not of the quality of rival services such as PokerStars. However, that’s understandable given the relatively young age of the website and also its large ambitions met with some of the most hostile anti-gambling regulations in the world.

For GP to invest steadily in its software suite and ensure that it can reach as many players as possible, the company will not only have to employ the right technical hands to carry out the job. More than that, the website must continue to weather some tough legislative storms and also make sure that it won’t trespass on areas which will fight back and precipitate an unexpected demise.

On the plus side, as the regulatory rigor cracks up, Global Poker will only stand to benefit from the lenient approach states are now assuming. Naturally, the future of massive online poker in the United States is not yet decided and it will take a few years of debates to make sure that the issue has been thrashed out and legalized in full. Meanwhile, Global Poker is patching up their offer determinedly.