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The time is upon us and the Eagle Cup II has arrived, outdoing our most daring predictions. The organizers from Global Poker have quickly decided to reward participants with a few extra top-offs on the existing guarantees and to reciprocate the appreciation the tournament has got out of the gamers who have opted for a slot in it.

Claiming the Eagle Cup Ii

The Eagle Cup II is upon us and if you want to benefit from the excellent six popup freerolls, now is the time to give it a go. The competition kicked off on Saturday, October 6, with the freerolls already appearing on players’ screens. Those who have been able to register and participate are quite content indeed!

The freerolls are just another way for players who can excel based on their own merit to claim the trophy without risking much of their own bankroll. Worst case scenario, they will be able to extend their stay at the tournament long enough to make it to the point where they will be eligible for a slice of the prize pool.

To create an even more rewarding environment, the tournament first and second-placement players will also get a free ride to the Tournament of Champions, bagging a SC$5,000 live poker bundle, which will see them enter the event with sufficient bankroll to outlast any contender. Naturally, one’s own personal skill will be determining again.

The Saturday action featured quite a handful of tournaments with buy-ins that varied from $5.50 to $55 and a one-off pricey event put at $110. The Sunday action will be a wee bit different with the GPC Eagle Cup 08-H: NLHE $50,000 Guaranteed [Deep] commanding the respectable $218 as a buy-in.

Global Poker and the Thrill of Online Tournaments

Global Poker has managed to create quite the buzz about its online initiatives. Out of the league of the established operators, such as partypoker and PokerStars, Global Poker have been doing a great job of maintaining outstanding communication and relationship with their gamers.

Twitter was buzzing with the little moments of joy of various players who had partook in the Saturday action and shared their results, continuing into day two.

Global Poker also continued to update gamers via the social media about the developments further down the pipeline, charting quite the promising roadmap.

Poker in the world of the Internet is bound to shape. From PokerStars’ own experimentation with Virtual Reality, we’re on the cusp of witnessing an epoch where all the rules are about to be re-drawn for the benefit of the player.

Legislation may have seemed like an insurmountable obstacle, but it’s quite easily brushed aside. Meanwhile, experimenting in Houston, Texas, has shown that poker may turn out to be not completely illegal, but rather a grey area in certain states.

This in turn may embolden others to pursue a rather more forthcoming approach to staging tournaments. However, online tournament hosts are quite adamant – unless you are playing from a place that allows you to participate in online poker competitions, your stakes will be forfeited and you – disqualified.