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The poker industry has not been marked just by stories of success and exclusive plays. In fact, there is a fair deal of actual marketing opportunities and strategic partnerships going on. VGW’s subsidiary Global Poker has announced that it will be adding a variety of payment options for its customers to enjoy. Global Poker caters exclusively to US and Canadian players and the company is now tying-up a partnership with Worldpay, which is a leader in the Omni-commerce payment experience.

Poke and Omni-Commerce – What Is It?

The omnichannel experience has been gaining traction beyond poker. The iGaming industry has been using it extensively. It simply stands for a seamless user experience across all available channels a casino, or in this case, a poker company provides. The omnichannel experience ensures that you can continue to handle a purchase throughout the stages – from picking it, to having a local store set it aside, to delivering it.

In iGaming, the omnichannel experience means that you can continue playing from different devices uninterrupted. With Global Poker it signifies that the customers’ wish to have a variety of payment options has been honored.

Global and Worldpay – An Expansive Alliance

Global Poker considers Worldpay as one of the most accomplished companies payment services in the world and the partnership is no chance thing. Worldpay has also bolstered its offer by adding Vantiv in January, and it currently processes 40 billion transactions on annual basis.

The new partnership has been discussed openly by VGW CEO and founder Laurence Escalante has been rather upbeat about the prospects of expanding on the company’s offer. Mr Escalante pointed out that Worldpay’s vast network has enabled the company to bring even better-tailored offers to its customers.

He said that the changes will overhaul the most popular and convenient payment solutions, such as credit card payments, e-wallets and mobile options.

A Look in the Past & Present

Global Poker has really stepped up its game. The status quo up until now had players purchasing gold coins through their PayPal accounts in order to obtain the so-called Sweep Cash that can then be converted for more tangible prizes, including hard currency.

However, the introduction of the changes is now going to add a host of changes to the overall payment offer, which will enable you as a customer at Global Poker to enjoy quite the unprecedented leeway.

The Changing Gambling Context

The repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) has been a breather for sports betting. However, while hopes remain high, nothing definitive has been said about a potential repeal of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which de facto bans online poker.

To put things bluntly here, online poker will not benefit from the canceling out of PASPA. If you are eager to play poker online, you may do so on the territory of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. The good news is that the three states have decided to pool their players and prize pools, giving everyone a sturdy incentive to compete.

We continue to monitor poker news from the industry while keeping an eye on poker legislation itself.