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It has taken many attempts, but Mike ‘DarkKnight17’ Coombs has been able to achieve success at a Global Poker (GP) tournament, fulfilling his goal of besting some of the best pros to take part in the event. Previously, Mr Coombs failed to secure a title, ending as the runner-up at three events.

Finally, Mr Coombs managed to win the Rattlesnake Open, an event that comes as part of the Global Poker tournament series. The victory allowed him to add more points and progress along the GP Championships Leaderboard.

What Came to Pass in a Game of Cards

Mr Coombs did come out victorious in what appeared to be a close brush. Starting at a disadvantage, Coombs faced off GILFhunter2369 who held A-2, giving him a significant advantage over the Dark Knight. In an auspicious turn of events, however, Mr Coombs managed to take the game. As a reminder, comebacks to poker are not unprecedented.

The excitement that followed quickly led Mr Coombs to his blog where he discussed the significance of his success.

‘Not only did I finally ship a trophy event, but I finally had success in one of their bigger buy-ins and the actual win was almost triple my previous high on Global. This also put my online bankroll north of $6k and gets me out of the $3-$3.5k range I seem to get stuck in before falling back down,’ Mr Coombs wrote.

The Story Behind the Bat

Mr Coombs is from Tacoma, Washington, and he has been a regular attendee at Global Poker tables, facing off better, and on occasion, luckier opponents. He has been particularly active on the portal’s forums and has become a recognizable part of the community.

His winnings may not be as significant as some professionals’, but he has definitely been able to amass a respectable sum through his poker acumen, totalling $175,000. In his personal preferences, he is a strong proponent of NLHE but he also participates in Omaha and mixed-game tournaments, including HORSE.

What Does He Stand to Win?

Mr Coombs has had the good fortune in faring well across the Rattle Snake Open, which is due to draw to an end on 20 May. As one of the many players striving for the top spot, he will have an opportunity to progress to an alive poker tournament and represent Global Poker.

He will be entitled to $5,000 to cover out-of-pocket expenses, travel fare, accommodations and tournament buy-in. Meanwhile, interest in the event keeps mounting.

Interest on the Rise

The interest in Global Poker (GP)’s backed tournaments has been underestimated, with players flocking to the portal to participate in the Rattlesnake Open. This may signal future growth for the platform, which has been trying to whip up excitement among community members.

Creating a reliable and cohesive society through its community boards has definitely helped players such as Mr Coombs appear on the competitive landscape. By continuing to pursue investment in professional poker, though, Global Poker is shaping as a leader host in a field that is contested by many respectable organizations.