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David Peters has had one hell of a year. After a few low-key tournaments Peters joined the 2018 Poker Masters @PokerGO fray and came out victorious, notching himself up a healthy $200,000 in the way of proceedings from the tournament. Way to stack up your winnings, David! Here’s what happened.

David Wins the PokerGO Tournament

The event did excite quite a few players even though it was of the rather hefty sort. The Event #1: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em was no trifle matter by any estimates and only select-few players could afford to participate, even though a fair number tuned in to watch! By the second day, there were only six players standing. All hopeful to have at the big prize.

The event took place at the PokerGO studio located near Aria Resort and Casino, a rather well-picked place to hold such competitive pow-wows from the world of poker. Overcoming a field of 69 contestants, David Peters managed to blast his way to the final place and clinch $193,200. It was hardly the only award he won, though! He also managed to add 300 points to his Purple Jacket objective, which has not been exactly an easy thing to come by. Earlier this year, PokerGO announced that it would be coming back with a number of events in 2018.

Back to the recap of the day, it wouldn’t be fair to say that Peters had an easy go at it. He had to beat some notable professionals, including Brandon Adams who has been a known face in the PokerGO events and entered Day 2 as the chip leader. Another noteworthy professional is Brian Green.

Brian Green did an outstanding job of keeping his end of the bargain. He was struggling at first but he gave David quite the fright as he overcame Peters’ chip lead and came out on top. It was a shocking turn of events. Peters couldn’t believe that Green had just pulled that one off on him.

However, David remained cool and he kept playing. He would eventually see himself climbing back in the hot seat and winning the desired prize. Meanwhile, Green had to settle for the runner-up spot and bag $138,000 along with it.

A Game to Remember

The competition was definitely quite the nail-biter and it had many people hoping to finish first. However, David and Brian really did not allow any contention from anyone but and we saw Rainer Kempe from Germany finishing third for $89,700.

Brandon Adams ended up fourth with $69,000 and he was followed by a countryman, Cord Garcia who won $55,200. The last player to win money from the race was Isaac Haxton also from the United States who got $41,400.

The PokerGO events have been in the news recently, right after the announcement that the Poker Masters are returning. Meanwhile, David Peters can enjoy the latest achievement he notched and added to his own belt.

The events moving forth promise to be just as exciting and full of surprises. Who will win the next one, you may wonder? Stay tuned to find out together!