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Poker fans will have much reason to be elated at the news that Poker Masters, one of the most-riveting competitions in the world of competitive poker, is back for Season 2. The upcoming season will feature seven events organized and sponsored by PokerGO and ARIA Resorts and Casino who have been throwing their full support behind the pow-wow, and ARIA has been additionally sponsoring a series of poker events. The tournament will award the quintessential purple jacket to the man or woman to win the most at the upcoming meet-up.

Poker Masters To Kick in Earnest

The second Poker Masters will command even greater viewership numbers, the hosts expect. The tournament will take place between 6 and 13 September, and it will be available to spectate online via PokerGO’s sterling streaming service. You may want to register now, because PokerGO will show the final tables on its subscription video on demand (SVOD) option.

Even if you had missed out on a chance to subscribe, you will be happy to know that the monthly fee is a pittance, at $10. And if you subscribe for the whole year, you can knock off a few extra bucks without giving it another thought.

The Current Poker Masters Format

Comparing to last year, there have been a few alterations to the event. For starters, last year’s edition of Poker Masters featured five events. This year’s iteration has its eyes on seven. To boost popularity, the event’s organizers have conceded to slash some of the costs, and allow for cheaper buy-ins. With this in mind, we may see more aspiring professionals join the competitive fray.

In 2017, we saw four events worth $50,000 and one event worth f100,000. This year, the buy-ins have been reduced, with five games at $25,000 and another one at $10,000, all topped off by an event at $50,000.

The Poker Masters will also be adding a Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), clearly exploring new areas of interest for competitors of different stripes and preferences.

Vying for the Purple Jacket

The Purple Jacket is the symbol of the Poker Masters. All the accolades players will get as they progress through the seven events will culminate in the donning of this piece of clothing which conveys on its bearer a look of royalness, and an affirmation of their masterly skills at poker.

Now, as to the events, they will abide by the new 30-second clock rule. In their continuing bid to bolster the event’s popularity, all players who have managed to register during the first entry by 2 PM PDT, will not incur any tournament-related fee, which is a relief.

If you don’ feel like subscribing for PokerGO, you needn’t fret. The events will also be available on TV, with NBC Sports Network broadcasting original content on the unfolding series.

Last year’s event saw Steffen Sontheimer win the inaugural tournament, earning a total of $2,733,000 across all five events. Mr Sontheimer had a minor brush during the Super High Roller Bowl when he was refused a seat. A minor spat that was later settled. Let’s hope that the Poker Masters’ Second Season will dispense with such unnecessary animosity.