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David Peters is definitely a professional whose name is known in poker circle. Having managed the same victory two years in a row, he’s a bit of a trend setter, too. What led to the second victory for Mr. Peters at the Seminole Hard Rock’n Roll Poker Open (RRPO)?

Hard Rock and Poker Rolls in Seminole

David Peters is quite the name in the poker industry. He has amassed nearly $30 million in live earnings, and that’s definitely a sum to humble friend and foe alike. And while skill means a lot, of course, winning the same competitions two years in a row isn’t quite common.

For better or for worse, the game is contested and new up-and-coming players often throw a spanner in the works for more accomplished gamers who can feel the title slip between their fingers. But Peters did splendidly, topping the competition at the Seminole Hard Rock’n Roll Poker Open (RRPO) event, and bagging almost $144,000 in the process.

He sat down to play at the $5,000 NLH 8-Handed tournament, which featured $250,000 in promised prizing money and around 95 people trying to get a piece of it. The interest in the tournament quickly swell the total prize money to $422,000, making contenders far more eager to get their hands to first place.

But there was a snag – Peters. Peters went to dominate the field of contenders, knocking players off the ring, one after another. The runner-up, Guillaume Diaz, concluded the race with the respectable $85,000 in cash, but there were naturally other notable professionals to cash out from the tournament.

A Meet-Up of the Pros

The event proved profitable for the first eight to reach and defend their spots at the final table. Alex Haber from Jamaica, the second non-US player after Diaz, managed to finish third with $54,000.

He was followed by Joey Weissman who ended up fourth. Jake Schwartz perched himself comfortably in fifth place, walking away with $27,000. Stanley Lee managed $21,000 and Jeff Gross landed seventh with $18,000.

Lastly, it was William Givens who finished eighth with $16,000 to his name, more or less. But what makes the competition so important or Peters is that he again managed to top the field whereas none of the other players from the 2017 edition managed to break into the top echelons of the competition in 2018.

The event has grown since its 2017 edition, adding 1/3 more players, which was good news for Peters who was apparently prepared to claim an even bigger prize pool. He even wore the same T-shirt, perhaps as an unnecessary sign of superstition, but one that nonetheless worked out fine for him. Prior to attending the Seminole competition, Peters was caught in a battle in one of PartyPoker’s own tournaments.

With the events at the Seminole Hard Rock’n Roll now wrapped up, Peters has a bit to enjoy while he plans his next move. Meanwhile, the hosts from the venue have expressed their satisfaction with this year’s edition, which began on November 14 and generated sufficient interest to give the Seminole property an incentive to pursue the festival next year as well.