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Ronnie is a writing veteran with over 5 years of experience within the gambling industry. He started within the traditional gaming industry writing freelance for high profile news outlets and slowly transitioned over to iGaming which he has built a strong interest in.

Liquidity sharing Boosts European Online Poker Industries

As the United States continues to struggle with online poker legislation especially with regards to interstate online gambling, the online poker industries in various European countries – Spain, France, and Portugal – are already reaping the fruits of liquidity sharing. According to a joint regulatory statement that was released recently, the cross-border pact between the [...]

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Partypoker’s Revamped 2019 MILLIONS Format

Partypoker has been pulling off one milestone after another. After revamping the MILLIONS series and introducing the world's largest prize pool for an online tournament, the company is still not yet done, exploring new opportunities and destinations for its players and followers. Partypoker's Re-worked MILLIONS Series Partypoker is determined to continue and bring the world [...]

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Hippo52 and PokerHigh Join Efforts in India

Indian poker is beginning to shape up in a positive way again. With the arrival of Hippo52, the country’s still uncertain industry is edging closer to attracting larger crowds and gaining acceptance. Spreading Poker in India India definitely has a fraught relation with poker. The country is buzzing with potential and tournaments, such as the [...]

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Partypoker Introduces Largest Sunday Tournaments

After news that PokerStars has dished out $14 million in prizing money, it’s time for partypoker to step in and top SECOOP in terms of turn-up in the very least. Say hello to partypoker’s biggest online competition to date. The KO Series are Upon Us There is no doubt that Sundays are quite busy, especially [...]

By | 2018-11-24T06:33:22+00:00 Nov 24, 2018|Headline|

Partypoker’s Caribbean Party Poker Day 2 Wraps Up

The success of Chance Kornuth at the partypoker Caribbean Party Poker has not been the only notable achievement of the weekend. The event continues in full force and it will carry on until November 17. Good Star for the Caribbean Party Poker Sponsored and hosted by partypoker, the Caribbean Party Poker is an 8-day tournament [...]

By | 2018-11-12T06:49:25+00:00 Nov 12, 2018|Event|

PokerStars’ Fusion Hits the Shelves

PokerStars continues to introduce one new game after the other. However, Fusion seems to be a temporary solution for the platform, which is focused on diversifying the player’s experience. This doesn’t make the game one iota less fun, though. PokerStars’ Fusion - From Announcement to Release Back in June, a respected poker outlet first suggested [...]

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Indian Player Withdraws Poker Petition

Poker in India has been developing, though at a somewhat moderate pace. Still, there have been a number of events to exemplify this growth and give hopes to all interested parties that the future of the game is indeed bright. However, a petition to recognize the game as a skill-based undertaking has just been withdrawn. [...]

By | 2018-11-03T06:26:51+00:00 Nov 3, 2018|Legislation|

Timothy Adams Leads the WSOPE €100,000 Event

The €100,000 WSOPE Super High Roller event is entering its decisive stage with 76 players having participated and more late registration options rolling in to help the prize pool reach the tantalizing €8 million. Definitely not a negligible amount, even for a high roller event. Late Arrivals to WSOPE €100,000 Super High Roller Welcome With [...]

By | 2018-10-28T02:57:44+00:00 Oct 27, 2018|Player|

Match Indian Poker League Is in Progress

Following a few unexpected turns of events and a swift reorganization on the part of the hosts, the Match Indian Poke League (MIPL) is finally here and now well underway, bringing together top poker talent from the country and region. The Match Indian Poker League in Progress The Indian poker scene is developing itself. Although [...]

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