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We all want the perfect getaway. Drinks, a light atmosphere, and possibly a beach. Well, not all great holidays have got to do with the seaside, and if TripAdvisor’s 117,000 reviews we went through are any indication, there are in fact excellent places to visit as part of your holiday. Casino resorts in the United States are a relished experience that comes with all the comforts the soul and body could crave for and today we help you find the top 10 casino resorts in the U.S.

1. Wynn Las Vegas

Vegas, baby! A city of sin and a desert oasis of excitement, fun and frivolities. The Wynn Las Vegas Resort is visited by millions every year, making it one of the hottest destinations to be in Nevada. TripAdvisor users haven’t spared their praises, showering the venue with accolades.

Well-lit, bright and with hotels spawning thousands of rooms, the Wynn Las Vegas is beckoning to a global audience, regardless of their budget means. Everyone gets a high-class treatment and an immediate access to the casino, which draws the crowds.

Excellent professional staff, room was beautiful with a Strip View and had all quality amenities.

Tired of all that gaming and relaxation at the table games? You can pick from a thicket of activities, including rafting, swimming pools, outdoors area and even a beach – yes, why dispense with the good things in life after all?

Restaurants, bistros, and hundreds of events happening all over the place are just a precursor to what truly makes your holiday memorable.

With an average rating of 4.5/5 and 25,309 reviews, the Wynn Las Vegas is a promised land of gaming opportunist and fun.

2. Planet Hollywood Resort Casino

Some argue that Planet Hollywood would help you feel like a movie star yourself. The high-class amenities paired with the immaculate quality of the service is definitely something that will make you feel as if you were living in a Hollywood blockbuster.

All of this apart, you will find a lot of tasty treats to enjoy. The cocktails are advertised as some of the best and if you love yourself a refreshing milkshake, these delicious food/drinks are all the rage on the premises of the casino. If you are looking for a special place to get yourself married, you can say your vows to your significant other at the same hotel where Elvis and Priscilla Presley said theirs.

Great location on the Strip, lots of shopping and food attached in the Miracle Mile, $5 tables all day, great friendly staff, ease of kiosk check-in, awesome vibe in casino.

The property has won the accolades of the crowds with some 28,067 reviews currently in the books. The average rating is 4/5, making this resorts one of the best in the United States to date.

3. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace bears its royal name with pride and everything from the outdoors spaces to the interior speaks of the glory of an empire, not in its times of decadence, but rather in its flourish. Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is one of the most talked about properties on TripAdvisor and with a good reason.

The resort provides customers with an affordable service and an impeccable quality regarding of what you have chosen to pay, showing a great appreciation for customers. The reviews are no less flattering as well:

Caesars Palace offers it all, beautiful rooms, wonderful food options, a large and diverse casino with lots of action, great shopping choices, a top notch spa and fitness center and friendly, helpful staff.

Caesars is very accommodating to budget travelers who will find some of the best rates at the premises of the resorts. Table limits, bottle service and room prices are all part an unforgettable experience at the property. With a rating of 4.5/5 and over 21,662 reviews, Caesars is definitely one of the hottest properties.

4. The Venetian Resort

Las Vegas never fails to introduce the eager traveler to a place where a well-deserved rest can be appreciated in its fullest. The Venetian Resort is one of the most popular venues in the Nevada’s gaming hub and that is not a chance thing.

With some 29,280 review and a 5/5 rating, this property has managed to do the unthinkable – cater to a global audience and see to their every need. There is not one bad thing that anyone would be able to say about this conglomeration of excitement and fun.

Emulating Venice itself, the casino resort has done an outstanding job of capturing the architectural beauty of the European city, as testified by the reviews:

This is a breathtaking hotel in the middle of the strip in Las Vegas it offers everything a great casino fantastic shops gondola rides a lovely piazza inside and outside a really good replica of the architecture.

Spacious and sumptuous, this casino property outshines the many beautiful properties around it, establishing itself as the only choice for those among you who want to enjoy the renaissance beauty of Venice but don’t fancy flying over the Atlantic.

5. Rio All-Suite Hotel Casino

What a time to be alive! Rio All-Suite Hotel Casino is one of the best properties in the entire of Nevada, even if it’s rather more modest in size, the casino property comes with a bunch of things to do. Praised as one of the funniest and best-rate venues to satiate your hunger from proper casino gaming.

Everything about the property is quite flexible, from finding the best entertainment for yourself to picking the best place ho have a tasty bite. The casino’s charm is fully reflected in the reviews:

Beautiful happy cool exceptional best rates funnest casino I ever visited had a lot of fun swimming guest were friendly everyone treated me good thank you for the excellent buffet and easy parking want to do it again.

With 21,400 reviews and counting, this property has 3.5/5 overall rating which is quite good and guarantees you to have some memorable times with the casino. Don’t miss out on one of the hottest venues on the strip.

6. Harrah’s Gulf Coast

They say that there is no place like home, and Harrah’s Gulf Coast comes very close to being your second home as attested by reviews left at TripAdvisor. With the Harrah’s property drawing a more modest crowd, the place cuts close to 4.7/5 in terms of overall ratings, which makes for a cozy experience at a very affordable rate.

There are quite a few special offers to pick from, a casino and hotel equipped with all sorts of amenities and tasty bites. The food is definitely one of the highlights of the place and while you won’t find it to be as busy as some of the other properties, there are always plenty of people surrounding the tables and participating in various games. Here is what some users who have visited have to say:

We’ve visited here so many times, it’s almost like coming home – only lots more exciting & FUN!! Great people, great casino, great food.

The property still needs to pick up some traction on TripAdvisor with presently only 5,700 reviews left. Harrah’s is one of the great destinations for your gaming holiday. Free cancellation and paying on site are available, so don’t hesitate to visit, and worry not even if you had to cancel your appointment.

7. Harrah’s Laughlin

If you are looking for the perfect getaway holiday, you might want to consider stopping by Harrah’s Laughlin, build as a fortress proudly keeping watch over the South. Often referred to as the jewel of the Colorado river, Harrah’s Laughlin draws visitors from far and wide, tempting them with great casino grounds, swimming pools, a clean beach, and places to dine and enjoy a sip of cocktail or wine, this resort is definitely a one-stop to all things that the soul craves.

Just listen to some of the testimonies straight from the horse’s mouth, or in this case, a satisfied customer:

Excellent amenities include a variety of gaming opportunities (including a non-smoking casino section), several excellent dinning possibilities, beach and swimming pools (an adult and family pools), well maintained.

Visitors appreciation shows when you glance upon the reviewing sites and see that 97% of the 15,523 reviews give Harrah’s Laughlin straight A’s. With an average rating of 4/5, this is a decent indicator that you can expect to find a quality casino resort experience that is surprisingly not in Las Vegas. Look beyond the city of sin and dive into Laughlin’s excitement.

8. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino Biloxi

The Beau Rivage Resort & Casino Biloxi overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, making it a very tempting destination to just go and wind down from all the business of our lives. We had to make sure that Beau Rivage was indeed a property we could recommend, so we scraped all the available information about the place, and as it turns – it’s a top-notch spot.

Or so some 11,005 people seem to think so, based on our meticulous research. With an average rating of 4.5/5, the property definitely inspires people to come and see for themselves. Knowing that beyond the horizon lies an immense expanse of water is mesmerizing. Some people have only just visited, but they already swearing that they would be coming back next year:

Just got off the airplane, Beau Rivage is fabulous!! Outstanding room, spotless resort, heated roof top pool, fabulous views and fun, fun, fun Casino! We will definitely be going back to visit this resort!”

Whether you are looking for the family treatment or enjoying one of the best U.S. casino resorts all by yourself, there is always a reason to visit the Beau Rivage Resort.

9. Atlantis Casino Resort

Atlantis Casino Resort has a long history that goes back all the way to 1972. Since that time the property has changed hands several times, being renamed a handful of times before it finally got its present-day name in 1996. It has managed to keep a good thing going for itself, attracting a diverse crowd of visitors for well over two decades now.

Even though the name would suggest otherwise, the property is actually located in Reno, Nevada, so make sure not to end up in New Jersey instead. The casino has one of the best ratings on TripAdvisor, marking the impressive 4.7/5 in overall standing.

True, there have been some 5,867 reviews, which definitely isn’t the thousands of opinions shared about other properties, but the immaculate quality of this resort has secured it a spot on TripAdvisor’s website as one of the most desired places to be at.

With this being said, let’s hear what some of the visitors have to say:

The rooms are roomy and comfortable, the casino is vast and has a great non-smoking section, the main stage nightly entertainment is terrific, there’s a fun kid’s center, and a wonderful spa and pool area.”

Having great amenities at Atlantis Casino Resort shouldn’t really surprise anyone by now. Looking for an excellent gaming venue? You have found it in one of America’s finest properties.

10. Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Another top property in Reno, Nevada, the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is definitely one of the best places to be if you are looking for a great gambling getaway. The resort focuses on amenities as much as it does on gaming products, which ultimately translates into unrivaled guest experience. The spa and wellness center is definitely a great draw for the crowds. Here’s what satisfied customers have to say about the place:

The rooms are fabulous clean big and comfortable, the casino is bright and magical, the people are wonderful and friendly and courteous, the restaurants and food selections and huge and delicious”

With over 11,860 reviews on TripAdvisor and a rating of 4.5/5, the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino definitely has under the dome of the casino world. Well-lit, architecturally appealing, and offering top-notch quality service, the Peppermill Resort will take care of your every need when it comes down to playing great games and having a good time.