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Throughout the history of online gambling and even land-based gambling we’ve heard of or even seen cases of irresponsible gambling take place. Most recently the British online casino company licensed in Gibraltar was fined £2m for failing responsible gambling intervention with one of their players whose addiction was fueled by finance way beyond his means. In reality both are at fault, however the operator holds the legal duty to identify and stop their players when it starts to go from harmless fun to a potential mountain of debt that they can’t cover.

As the interest in online poker, casino games and sports betting grows in the future we’re likely to see more cases like this where problem gamers slip past an operator’s detection algorithms and also their manual reviewers.

This is where the combination of AI and blockchain technology fit into the picture.

AI has always been a controversial topic, especially with big names such as Stephen Hawkin warning the world that AI will eventually end humanity as we know it. Although before that happens and depending on how it is used, AI can help gaming operators to predict player behavior in real-time and prevent cases of irresponsible gambling from progressing out of hand. On top of that, blockchain technology will further eliminate the human error factor by introducing a distributed ledger and smart contracts open to public scrutiny and regulation. We’re already aware of platforms such as BlockChip who are implementing both technologies to address responsible gambling.

What’s your view on the current state of online poker? Do you think the industry can benefit from integrating AI and blockchain technology into their platforms or will this bring the rise of machines against humans?

The infographic below will show you a brief history of the iGaming industry along with the benefits and issues of AI and blockchain technology in the mission to eradicate problem gambling – There are tons of interesting statistics for the number crunchers out there! If you’re looking for more information then give our other poker content a read.

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