Playing Poker Can Help Prevent Dementia

The mind is a curious thing. Man is the only life form on Earth whose evolution has taken the species from a primitive existence to the summits of cognitive abilities and reasoning. Yet, our minds are a fragile thing prone to misfires and breaking down unexpectedly. From Alzheimer’s to milder forms of dementia, the traps […]

8 Untold Truths About Being a Poker Pro

Being a poker pro is definitely an exciting career opportunity, but it comes with challenges that regular lines of work simply don’t have. Some see those as drawbacks, others welcome them as incentives. In any event, it’s a career option that has tempted many, but is not fit for all. Today we take a look […]

10 Casino Heists to Remember: From Bill Brennan to Heather Tallchief

Casino heists are the plots of many Hollywood movies, usually formed by some “what if” scenarios conjured up by either the protagonist or antagonist in hopes to get rich. For most, our logical side prevails, ruling against all the potential risks no matter the reward. Then again, most of us aren’t movie stars so we […]

How Casinos Catch Card Counters

They thought that the world was their oyster. Then, technology caught up with them. Card counters are the bane of casinos, but this perennial game of cat and mouse is entering a new stage. The big question is: how to spot a card counter? Casinos seem to have found an interesting solution by recruiting card […]

Top 10 Best Places to Game Online

Do you know a person who doesn’t play games today? Men, women and children all join the online fray almost daily, however briefly. Whether you are bored, feel like socializing or just appreciate a good game when you see one, the world abounds of entertainment opportunities. Even better, you don’t have to game on your […]

Top 10 Female Poker Players (Updated for 2019)

Poker has unfortunately been a male dominated game for quite some time so we’ve compiled the current top 10 female poker players so far this year that are in a class of their own with the trail of winnings to prove it. As a bonus we’ve also listed the current top 10 hottest female poker […]