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If you have been around poker for a while now, the name Vanessa Selbst will certainly mean something to you. Even though one of the poker’s most notable pros out there, Selbst decided to retire from poker at the beginning of the year. However, since that time, sightings of her have been reported over a handful of tournaments. How much has Selbst given up the gun, then?

Reports say that Selbst has suggested that she and Phil Galfond should most certainly hit the upcoming WSOP’s Tag Team event together. Whatever the rumors the fact is that Selbst is back in Las Vegas and she has already said that she will participate in at least one WSOP competition.

The Little Birdie Tweets

Selbst took to Twitter to announce her return to Las Vegas and the WSOP competition. She confirmed that she will participate in a side-event and then head for the main one right after. But far from having a monetary incentive in mind, Selbst wanted to play in the name of a charity. Or at least split half of her proceedings with one: “I’m heading out to #WSOP for this weekend and then the main. In honor of the monsters in our gov’t, I will do a matching campaign for 50{c118e36310c7bc75bef8f724f80ee0a52cfaf44be22f7e80906142f4c81518da} of my WSOP profits to groups that support immigrant communities like @MaketheRoadNY. Pls join in pledging what you can at this critical time.”

Selbst will certainly participate in the Main WSOP Event due next month. However, the side competitions she may take part of are anyone’s guess. When she finally chooses, though, she will not find herself in a shortage of options. Selbst has been able to accumulate a respectable track record as a player and her generosity and charity are well-recorded.

With total winnings from live games estimated at $11.8 million, she’s definitely one of the best players on record.

A Return in the Land of the Unknown

A lot has transpired in the realm of poker since Selbst last played actively. She will be facing players who have been playing in accordance with the new stop-watch rule and have been quite comfortable to do so.

On a more personal level, Selbst chief motivator to join back into the fray, making full use of her fame and position to support a political cause she firmly believes in. In recent weeks, the administration of President Trump has enacted a series of measures that lead to a conclusive separation of undocumented immigrants’ children and their parents.

Selbst seems to be opposed to the measure, but also actively seeking to contribute personally to the resolution of the issue. Some have suggested that what would be funny is to see Selbst eliminated by an undocumented immigrant at the tournament, which will indeed take quite a bit of effort indeed.

We don’t believe that Selbst serves a broader political agenda. If anything, beyond remaining one of the most notable poker stars in the history of the game, she’s also a shining example of personal integrity. We welcome Selbst back into the game, hoping she will stick longer.