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The World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) have wrapped up with Jack Sinclair dominating a vast field of contestants, with over 530 people taking a shot at the eye-popping prize pot.

Sinclair Bags WSOPE Main Event Place

Jack Sinclair has managed to pull off great plays at the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, defeating well over 530 opponents and quickly landing himself the lion’s share of the prize money, amounting to well over €1,1 million. With the latest success, the Englishman’s total live winnings stand at $3,393,632, according to the Hendon Mob, an online database.

The event also brought Sinclair a gold bracelet, one of the most-coveted items in the history of poker. This is also a first bracelet for him as well, after he came eighth in last year’s edition of the tournament.

At the beginning of the final day, Sinclair seemed well-poised to advance. He held fourth place and quickly managed to double that, fighting off one opponent after another and advancing at the expense of respected players, such as Krasimir Yankov, the Bulgarian who took Sinclair’s place in the overall standing and finished third.

The crunch was against Laszlo Bujtas from Hungary who too lost his foothold against the Englishman and had to concede a defeat and finish second.

Overall, Sinclair’s game was clear and he managed to quickly overcome the competition by leading a battle of attrition, dividing his opponents and leaving them with no play funds. Even though it took him some time, Sinclair managed to break ahead of the pack and relegate opponents out of the race.

Content with his achievement, Sinclair did admit that he had expected events to turn out differently, sharing that every time things were at stake, he expected the worst to come to pass. To his own surprise, the cards didn’t fail him.

Laszlo’s Disappointment

Visibly upset and finishing as a runner-up, Bujtas didn’t expect that turn of events. He considered that his failure to cope better with Sinclair was lack of cards. However, Bujtas did say, cited by media outlets, that Sinclair had played well that day.

The final leg of the event consisted of six players, all of whom were promised a minimum guaranteed amount and anything they could win for a better placement in the overall standing. Apart from Sinclair, Bujtas and Yankov, there were also Ryan Reiss from the United States, Milos Skrbic from Serbia and Ihor Yerofieiev from Ukraine.

Reiss has been one of the most prominent names in the poker world, competing at the highest level as early as 2013.

With a strong presence from Eastern European, the WSOPE was dominated by a field of skilled players. In the Main Evet’s final day, it was Sinclair who outshone the opponents, however, managing to risk a few moves that landed him a bigger pot and allowing him to pressure anyone with a smaller pot.

With this, the WSOPE from casino Rozvadov in the Czech Republic has come to an end. The event has been a huge success for hosts, players, and poker across Europe. The series bring out new talents from all countries on the continent and it always helps to see new talent flock to the makeshift mecca of the game once in a year.