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In May, Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu surprised poker fans when he decided to put up his WSOP 2019 action for sale with a zero mark-up. Unlike other poker players who had been selling their WSOP action on popular poker staking websites such as PokerStaking and YouStake, Negreanu opted to sell his 2019 WSOP action on his own website.

The poker star made the announcement through a video and the response to the revelation was so overwhelming that the server he was using for the website crashed. In fact, there were so many backers who were very happy about the prospects of getting a piece of the poker pro’s WSOP action. Unfortunately, a good number of them were left disappointed when they received an email from the poker pro informing them that he and his team had made a mistake by allowing the sale to get oversubscribed.

Now, the recently announced World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) has added four new events but that is not the only interesting thing about the tournament series. Daniel Negreanu has once again announced that he will be selling a new package for the upcoming WSOPE. In the Twitter post where he made the announcement, he further confirmed that he will be attending the event.

WSOP Player of the Year Title on the Line

Initially, there were doubts that Negreanu who is known as Kid Poker in the poker community, would be attending the event. However, with the confirmation of Shaun Deeb, one of his greatest poker rivals, it was almost obvious that he would take the chance to triumph over his opponent and capture the World Series of Poker banner.

Another reason why there were doubts about Negreanu attending the event was because of his recent exit from the PokerStars’ Team Pro stable. He had suggested that he was taking a break from living on the road as a poker player in order to start a family. Even now, he has mentioned that he may still have some issues with the schedule of the WSOPE.

Despite all that, the best news that came out of the announcement is that the poker pro will be offering pieces of the mark-up. This is especially great news for the poker players who might have faced shut-out problems in when they attempted to buy pieces for the 2019 WSOP last summer. This, alongside the return of his very popular poker video blogs, will certainly make up for a lot that he has been owing to his fans.