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The €100,000 WSOPE Super High Roller event is entering its decisive stage with 76 players having participated and more late registration options rolling in to help the prize pool reach the tantalizing €8 million. Definitely not a negligible amount, even for a high roller event.

Late Arrivals to WSOPE €100,000 Super High Roller Welcome

With the beguiling €8 million on the table, WSOPE Event #9 is turning out to be the central piece of the tournament. The rumors spreading, spectators are already crowding the space around the tables. At least the space designated for audience that is.

So far, 10 levels of play have been concluded with 76 people entering, but now new late registration options are on the cards as it is, and let’s face it – the deal is too good to pass up on, although the €100,000 buy-in is steep beyond reasonable.

While many have already lost, some of whom more than once, too, Timothy Adams felt comfortable leading into Day 2 of the event, with 33 players left standing and many losing their pot in the fiery action at the felt.

Adams combined a mix of smart, defensive play with taking outright on opponents who would eventually overplay their hands. He first faced off Andrej Desset and that was a swift victory. Next, he had to deal with a familiar face. Timothy sent Jean-Noel Thorel packing for a second time during the tournament.

In his own opinion, his game was very deliberate and not involving any unnecessary risk. He explained that he had had the chance to knock a few short stacks off the race quickly and then just ended up with Kings and Aces at turning points when opponents would commit as many as 10 big blinds, leading to a quick profit for Adams.

A Smooth Sailing

In Adam’s own words, maintaining a good performance so far has been easy enough and he hasn’t had to actually have “showdowns” with anyone. The hands he managed to secure, he won without any hassle and never actually overplayed his hand to the point where he would lose a big pot of money.

As a result, he’s crowning a tough field of competitors which he nonetheless has a very tangible financial edge over. This is what the present standing looks like:

  • Timothy Adams – 12,960,000
  • Dominik Nitsche – 9,515,000
  • Adrian Mateos – 8,365,000
  • Tobias Ziegler – 8,230,000
  • Steve O’Dwyer – 7,390,000

In more specific terms, Adams has around 50 big blinds over the runner-up Dominik Nitsche. Despite the strong lead, Adams is no stranger to the fact that in poker, different days bring you different outcomes at the felt.

With the shortlisted players making it into the next day of the competition, there is a lot at stake. Adams knows that things are so far going his way and he also has a deep appreciation of the €100,000 event at WSOPE, describing it as one of the most noteworthy meet-ups if you are into high rolling.

Quite a few people didn’t actually make the cut, despite their strong presence in poker. Some of the players to drop out early included Anatoly Filatov, Bertrand Grospeiller, Niall Farrell, and a handful of other contenders who could have very well continued under different circumstances.