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Run It Up Studios has announced a new streaming contest, which will allow the winner to obtain an exclusive pass to the PokerStars Poker Players Championship. Here’s what we know.

Run It Up Studios now has a new goal. One of you poker enthusiasts may get a chance to access the PokerStars Poker Players Championship (PPC), which will take place in January 2019. The contest announced by the company will have Twitch streamers participate with their streams and be rewarded a platinum pass in return.

If that hasn’t whetted your appetites yet, then suffice to say that you will have exclusive access to every walk of the tournament. The competition will kick off on November 15. However, in order to participate, you will have to make up your mind before July 27. A simple e-mail at [email protected] will be enough to register. Still, you have to drop your stream’s moniker, link to the Twitch page you are running, and provide other minutiae as your country of origin and a brief introduction about yourself.

Fulfiling the Provisos

The contest will be open for four months and the winner will be selected based on the judgment of the poker-player committee. Still, public sentiment will have something to say in the end, as your work will show up in a Twitter poll, too.

If you have been wondering about the committee members themselves, those are rather known names in the poker field, so watch out whom you are trying to impress. You will have Jason Somerville, Kevin Martin, Lex Veldhuis, Ben Spragg, Jaime Staples, Fintan Hand, and Jeff Gross decide the future of your work.

This doesn’t exhaust the list of conditions that need fulfiling. For instance, all participants must be players themselves and play for real money on PokerStars. In addition, you are required to have streamed on Twitch at least 150 hours. Judges will gauge a number of aspects, including the number of your viewers, interaction with spectators, overall hours of broadcast, and your footprint in the Twitch Poker community.

The possibility exists that you may become a well-established Twitch ambassador. And that comes with its own perks. The Platinum Pass will grant you $30,000. It covers your entry fee to the PPC event, which is estimated at $25,000 and offers up to six nights at Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. In addition, the pass gives you around $2,000 of spending money to enjoy yourself around the place.

Too Great an Opportunity to Miss

The event itself is taking place on January 6, 2019. If you think that a Platinum Pass may get you closer to the $9 million prize pool, you should definitely do your best to establish yourself as the dominant streaming force out there. Meanwhile, you will probably be thrilled to know that overall 300 passes are available throughout the various competition that wants to bring more players with modest income into the fray of one of the largest poker events in the world.

If you want to get a chance at winning the pass, stay tuned.