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Following a successful closed test, PokerStars is now releasing its Virtual Reality solution for a broader audience. The VR version of the game promises to augment the experience for every poker aficionado out there. This announcement comes hot on the trails of the newly-released Omaha/Hold’em Fusion version of the game.

PokerStars’ VR Goes Global

PokerStars are not afraid to break the mold and launch the most innovative products of the market. With a concluded closed beta, the virtual reality solution of the company is finally hitting global markets and it can at last be downloaded through Oculus, Viveport, and Steam, all of which provide reliable and high-quality VR products.

The latest addition to the family of PokerStars has been long in the works, developed with the help of Lucky VR, a studio developing augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

With the latest installment in poker, the company is not hoping to change the rules of the game, but to rather shake up how we experience the game instead.

According to Director of Poker Innovation at PokerStars, Severin Rasset, the response from combining three-dimensional poker and making it accessible to the online community has been well-met. Mr. Rasset expressed his recommendation that anyone who is interested in poker should give the new product a fair go.

We wanted to venture into the world of virtual reality because we believe it is an exciting avenue of technology to explore and something that our players would appreciate. – Rasset

According to the people who have had a chance to explore the game, the company has managed to deliver on their promise.

A True Macau Experience

The poker suite allows you to play in different settings, most notably of which Macau 2050, Monte-Carlo Yacht, The Void, and others. Reception from professionals has been positive, with experts noting that the joint efforts of Lucky VR and PokerStars have paid off splendidly in their latest product.

A social experience that provides users with immensely fun options, PokerStars VR is intended to be a more personal game online, even social. While the game is great to play if you are someone who focuses on the same table, grinders may find it too personalized for their own taste and preferences.

Endorsement has come from not just reviewers and poker writers, but also from heavy guns in the game, such as Liv Boeree, Jeff Gross, and Chris Buckley, with the players preparing to snap up a VR set to play poker.

Even though the game would require a nominal investment, PokerStars are confident that the VR experience is here to stay and that it would ultimately lead to a profound change in how we experience poker online.

Unlike the just-released Fusion version of the game which combines Omaha/Hold’em, there is no indication that this is another temporary experience for PokerStars.

Rather, the endorsement of virtual reality will try to chart a new course for the entire industry, allowing people who truly want to socialize over their favorite game a great chance to do so without leaving the comforts of their own home.