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PokerStars continues to introduce one new game after the other. However, Fusion seems to be a temporary solution for the platform, which is focused on diversifying the player’s experience. This doesn’t make the game one iota less fun, though.

PokerStars’ Fusion – From Announcement to Release

Back in June, a respected poker outlet first suggested that PokerStars was planning to wed Omaha and Hold’em to create a new and exciting version of the game, which will allow players to experience the best of both games.

The official confirmation came much later. Still, PokerStars just released their new version of the game, Fusion, and the past is the past, though it’s worth noting that the game had been worked on for quite some time prior to the first leak.

However, this didn’t expedite PokerStars’ internal scheduling, with Unfold hitting the shelves first in August. Nevertheless, players finally have the opportunity to experience the game first-hand.

The game plucks what the developers consider to be the most interesting features of both games, with Fusion beginning as a traditional Texas Hold’em game, but then changing to Omaha, with four final cards in a player’s hand from which they have to construct their final play.

The novelty of the version is that because of the more cards players now have access to, each street presents players with a greater choice and opportunities, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact odds of specific hands hitting the felt in the showdown.

Fusion allows players to go up 80 big blinds, which means there is quite a bit of gaming that can be squeezed out of a single table, and with the $0.02/$0.05 entry fees, the game is certainly quite accessible.

The Stars Group efforts in poker have been quite commendable. However, the company is no stranger to expanding in other segments as well, notably with a mobile sports betting app in New Jersey.

Every Good Thing Has to Come to an End

According to Severin Rasset, who is head of operations and innovation for the Stars Group, Fusion will not necessarily be here to stick for long, but the game will offer an alternative to players who are familiar with all the other formats and want a bit of excitement.

In the past, PokerStars has focused on trying to develop new and elaborate gaming formats, which would eventually see the entire community re-focus their efforts on those. However, Mr. Rasset has suggested that the company is taking a new course whereby new products will now be advertised as experimental options that people can enjoy for a while.

Meanwhile, PokerStars has been working on other exciting products, too. The announcement of PokerStars VR has been one of its most promising endeavors recently. In the case of the VR solution, however, the company is thinking big.

They don’t intend to alter the gameplay, but just to create a more exciting setting where people can introduce their virtual avatars to one another, allowing them to mingle freely and create a more personalized environment, as compared to the now-available client with 2D HUD.

With UNFOLD out and now Fusion hitting the shelves, PokerStars continues to introduce an alternative experience for its gamers and remains one of the companies to come up with the most engaging solutions in the entire community.