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The Poker Masters Returned with Event #6 for Day 2 and Ali Imsirovic was as dangerous as ever. In fact, he definitely managed to make headlines by winning the #6 Event. What’s next down for him is the 2018 Poker Master Event. Let’s first recap on what has happened so far, though.

Ali Imsirovic – The Professional in the Making

To say that Ali didn’t expect the turn of events, such as they were, is an exaggeration. He knew that he was edging close to a victory and his success guaranteed him to capture the back-to-back titles. With his way clear after the elimination of Koray Aldemir, Imsirovic laid his hands on the coveted $799,000.

Aldemir didn’t leave with a much smaller sum, though, successfully adding $517,000 to his life-long winnings. It has been quite the competition indeed. Back to Imsirovic, though, the player has definitely pulled off one of his most significant victories in his career. In fact, in this year’s leg of Poker Masters, Imsirovic managed to win over $1.2 million so far, and he’s definitely not going anywhere. It’s worth noting that he has managed to accomplish estimated $2.5 million of total earnings.

Imsirovic’s victory also brought him another important asset – pure competition points which now take him much closers to the desired Purple Jacket – the ultimate acknowledgement of a player’s personal skill and prowess. Imsirovic is quite the down-to-earth type of chap, too. He is prepared to take on any challenge come what may and he is now working on his strategy for the Main Event. It’s there at the Poker Masters’ Main Event that he will truly shine.

Overall, Imsirovic is now ahead of the pack in terms of pure points that would make him the owner of a brand-new Purple Jacket. The standing is as follows:

  • Ali Imsirovic – United States – 660
  • Brandon Adams – United States -510
  • Isaac Haxton – United States – 480
  • Jake Schindler – United States – 390
  • Ben Yu – United States – 360

Taking on the Final Table

It’s been quite the game indeed! Much transpired. Imsirovic quickly managed to distinguish himself apart from the competition as he overcame some of the best-established names in poker. Justin Bonomo had the misfortune to end up in sixth place, after Imsirovic met him head-to-head and left him little wriggle room. However, Bonomo’s downfall was inflicted by the runner-up, Aldermir who inflicted the final blow. And yet, Bonomo doesn’t have much to be rueful about as he is one of the players to win the most in the world.

Jake Schindler had some trouble of his own and he had to overcome some pretty solid odds right there. It certainly wasn’t easy for him but he managed and he performed quite magnificently, before being finally crushed out of the race in fourth place.

Sam Soverel also fought hard, but he ended up in 5thspot and that was pretty much all there was. With this fairly short account of Event #6 has concluded. Imsirovic still has a long way to go with the Main Event, though, and as he said himself “the time to party hasn’t quite come yet”.

He is right of course. New challenges lie ahead.