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The 2018 Poker Masters has had everyone excited. The honor of donning the Purple Jacket has definitely been quite the incentivizing thought for a great number of people who have been rather eager to distinguish themselves. There was a lot of heavy competition, too, including Maurice Hawkins who was the chip leader throughout most of the competition with a hefty cheap advantage. What, then, helped Haxton make it all the way to the top in the Short Deck No-Limit Hold’em event?

Isaac Haxton Bests the Competition

Isaac Haxton had a difficult task. Not exactly the chip leader in day one, he had to outlast a field of 55 players, many of whom were established names in the world of poker. With a $10,000 buy-in tag, it wasn’t easy to swallow anything less than an outright victory.

Challenge came in the very first day when Haxton managed to stay within the top six spots, but had to deal with heavy contenders, including Hawkins himself. Haxton has done so far remarkably well all throughout the competition, though. With the Short Deck victory, this has been his third final table he attended in four events. Apparently, Haxton has what it takes to be a top contender.

Despite the heavy competition coming from Brandon Adams, Haxton is close on the trail of the former with 30 ranking points difference. But even if Haxton’s prospects of donning the Purple Jacket are not quite yet carved stone, his life-long earnings from tournaments have swollen to the impressive $19.3 million. He is also ranked 19th in terms of life-long winnings.

Making an Appearance at the Short Deck Event

Haxton is clearly open to challenges. He has been quite happy to participate in the 36-card deck version of the game known as short-deck. His mastery of the segment has proven him to be a player that can clearly focus on the different aspects of the game and also adapt to come what changes there may be in poker.

Broadcast by PokerGO, the game has been gaining steady traction. A growing crop of players have been open to the version as it has been quite popular in Asian competitions, and as many U.S. pros play abroad, Haxton’s ability to adapt has been commendable.

As to the 2018 Poker Masters $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold’em Event, Haxton managed to overcome some heavy competition at the very final leg. He was challenged by the likes of Maurice Hawkins and Ryan Tosoc, but none seem to be able to quite the make cut, and ultimately Haxton walked out victorious with 300 POY Points to his name, and most importantly, $176,000 in ready cash.

Looking at the overall standing for the Poker Masters Purple Jacket, Brandon Adams is ahead with 510 Points, followed by Haxton with 480. The pair are neck-and-neck for the vestment. Meanwhile Keith Lehr and David Peters are tied at 300 points and in not too bad a position to make a claim on the main title. Still, a lot could transpire in the next events.