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Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is a hotspot for pricey poker plays. If you are short of high-roller action, you will certainly want to head over and join the fray. In any event, ‘The Big Game” is often running. You will have to cough up a fair bit to enter, though, between $800 and $1,600. Daunting as this may be, you get a bunch of people participating. And if you are prepared to enter with the amount, think again.

We’ve seen games that fluctuate quite drastically in terms of their costs. They may vary between $2,000 and $10,000 for some of the mixed games. Enough to scare poker aficionado’s away if you are not actively playing and making sure your investment gives you something back. Well, while we tend to shun such challenges, poker professional Gus Hansen is quite willing to take up a challenge and simply say – yes.

The Great Dane Joins the Race

The Dane has made quite the splash. It was known for a while that Hansen will attend the event himself, albeit he did very little to whip up excitement, bar a video he posted on Instagram showing himself sitting at one of the tables with his profit piled in front of him. This wasn’t the over-complacent bragging of someone who just got lucky. It was a matter-of-fact-I-won-a-bit sort of announcement.

Apparently, Bobby’s Room has been quite generous to Hansen who revealed the mystery of his winnings a little later. Turns out, Hansen walked out with $1 million in good, solid profit. Such happenings usually cause a bit of a stir in the world of poker, but on this occasion, Hansen said that he “gotta sleep sometime,” and retired with his newly-found richness.

The Man Himself

Hansen has been quite the committed poker player. He’s known for his proclivities for taking risks. He definitely doesn’t shun a challenge. When he first arrived on the poker scene, it was 2012. He started joining the high-roller contests and did so quite boldly, managing to lose $17 million in the space between 2012 and 2014.

Apparently, to Hansen money isn’t a goal in its own end. It’s both an obstacle when there’s not enough to be had and a great way to add to your bankroll. He has been playing at Bobby’s Room since at least 2016. But even then, Hansen is one of the most composed players one can meet.

In one interview he said that a person never “knows how the winds will blow”, capturing his life philosophy that despite one’s best efforts, luck and life may finally get the better of you.

Bobby’s Room

Bobby’s Room is named after Bobby Baldwin who is a poker player himself. Baldwin managed to win the 1978 WSOP Main Event and effectively became the youngest contender to ever do this. Between 1977 and 1979 he also won 20 different tournaments. Beyond being one of the most notable players of the millennium he also ran a number of casino facilities for big operators.