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Gus Hansen has been absent from the Poker After Dark for almost the last eight years. And for the first time since 2010, Gus Hansen decided to make a comeback and play for the second and final day of “Racks of Lamb”. It was a week that was dubbed after the high-stakes player Ben Lamb. And the action didn’t disappoint. This event was broadcasted by PokerGO.

Stopped Playing High Stakes Cash Games Online

Fans were delighted to see “The Great Dane” to be back in action. It’s been a while since he appeared on a live TV poker show.

The Great Dane used to be a regular on shows “Poker After Dark” as well as “High Stakes Poker”. However, his appearance was cut short when these shows were canceled around 2011. He is one of the fan favorites especially given the style of play that he brings to the table. He often attempts crazy bluffs and even calls big raises pre-flop with marginal hands.

He mentioned that one of the reasons why he hasn’t been around the poker scene lately is due to his involvement in high stakes cash games online. However, he announced that he will no longer be involved in big cash games online and will make live tournament appearances especially later this year. And this could be a good decision for the Danish pro poker player who is known for his large losses online. In fact, according to some reports, he lost around $20 million from playing on Full Tilt Poker alone.

Great Lineup

Aside from Hansen, there will also be other players to watch out for. Sam Soverel, Matt Kirk, Chris MacFarland, Brian Rast, Len Ashby, and Lamb are also booked for the event. It was Lamb who was able to book the largest profit from the table during the first day of the event with $250,000.

A Wild Roller Coaster Career

Gus Hansen is known for his long roller-coaster career. He was able to get massive wins and losses along the way. In fact, he has the all-time record for most losses as an online player after losing $21 million in just one night. But of course, it isn’t just losses that have defined his career as a poker player. He also had notable wins such as $10 million in live tournament winnings. He is also one of just five players to ever have three World Poker Tour titles.

Fans enjoyed watching him because he throws chips around for the highest stakes online games. He also faced against the likes of Phil Ivey, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, as well as Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. But of course, knowing that he could actually go broke from the games that he loses on a regular basis, he decided to call it quits.

The Return of Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark returned in August after a few years of hiatus. Host Ali Nejad is also back and has remained the same. However, there are some differences in the returning poker show. The new series will be airing just 30 minutes after the actual event which means that it is something that poker fans can get excited about.