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PokerStars continuous efforts to be on top of the poker world have paid off yet another time. The world’s largest and most successful poker room has been quite determined to make a true change in the fortunes of many, and the latest happenings in Europe are just a proof that this is indeed happening.

PokerStars Runs the World’s Largest Competitions

Just recently we have reported on PokerStars’ largest online tournament to this day! The achievement has been quite significant in its own right, reuniting, even online, 150,000 people from 140 countries. Such breadth would be difficult to rival, but if poker becomes legal across the United States, we can imagine thousands more flocking to the tournaments.

After all, one of the most common hurdles for events is the fact that people either have to travel to the location of the tournament physically or they have to be in a state or area where online poker is not prohibited by law. Otherwise they cannot play. PokerStars is known to have refused to pay out in the past on suspicions that players were not physically in a whitelisted jurisdiction at the time of their gaming efforts.

Be that is it may, today we are here to highlight the platform’s achievements in Europe and particularly what the platform has managed to achieve by running the Galactic Series across France, Spain and Portugal.

In case you have missed the news, the three countries now share liquidity, which allows local players from all three countries, to participate in tournaments that offer greater rewards altogether. The Galactic Series ran from August 26 through September 13, featuring 186 events and awarding a total of €16,973,768, which managed to surpass the promised €15 million by quite a bit.

The Galactic Series Are a True European Affair

The event saw as many as 50,612 players flock to play in the Main Event where €1.5 million was up for grabs. Not surprisingly, it was the French who made the final table, too. Five of them in fact. But France’s dominance in poker has been quite pronounced, too, with 42 events having found their French winners overall. Spain claimed 30 wins and Portugal trailed the lot with 20 winnings of their own.

Overall, the series have been deemed to be a large success, making them one of the most significant poker tours in Europe so far. PokerStars Director of Innovation Severin Rasset has said that sharing liquidity has been a truly smart move as it allows the platform to build bigger tournaments and offer more significant rewards.

The move to bring the players together has also helped PokerStars to streamline the organization of the events and save costs, not to mention, guarantee that there would be no technical snags to mar the experience for everyone.

With so much happening with the platform right now, it’s easy to see why PokerStars is doing such an exceptional job of retaining the interest of the world’s poker population. Europe still has an enormous growth potential and the Canada-based company is all set to tap into it.