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The Stars Group has made quite the splash with its PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). As one of the most touted events around the world, the WCOOP drew record-high entries and amassed the whopping $100 million in cash money! If you think poker has been dying, this is not quite true in the slightest.

Aim for the Stars

Poker is very much alive and kicking. The latest success of the Stars Group should be indication enough. The world’s most popular poker firm hosted a staggering $100 million tournament for the online denizens, offering amateurs and aspiring pros a rare opportunity to rake in live-changing amounts. A lot has happened during the past week, with PokerStars not shy to highlight its achievements:

The Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) has definitely been one of the most significant events of poker to this day. To be able to appreciate the jump in the popularity of the event, just bear in mind that the 2017th edition attracted fewer entries, and most importantly, a prize pool that was $30 million lower than what PokerStars managed to amass for this year’s iteration!

Looking at the hard numbers, it’s difficult not to be humbled either. With over 1 million entries (a lot of which were re-entries, naturally), the tournament definitely showed how popular of an event it is. Estimated 148,000 unique players from 140 countries signed up.

Going through the actual schedule of the event, there were over 185 gigs that catered to players of all backgrounds. Whether contenders wanted to join with small stakes or play the high roll from the get-go, that was entirely up to them. There were plenty of opportunities to play satellite events, allowing you to build a steady bankroll and make a claim on the big titles.

Platinum Passes Up for Grabs!

In light of the upcoming Caribbean Adventure, the PokerStars online gig didn’t pass up on the opportunity to dish out as many as seven Platinum Passes, which will allow you to participate in the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC). As we have reportedly previously, each pass is worth $30,000, providing you with the buy-in for the event, at $25,000, and $5,000 to spend yourself.

The event was generous indeed, with 150,000 players getting at least something back. The first-place prizes amounted to $15 million, which is quite the number whatever way you look at it. WCOOP was a truly thrilling affair with its record-breaking numbers.

As legislation around the world becomes laxer, PokerStars and similar platforms are building their momentum. However, it’s the Stars Group that has building this inspiring momentum that no other platform can quite live up to! Just recently, they announced the creation of a virtual reality experience, which will take you right into the thick of poker action while sitting at home.

The world of poker is changing for the better. Poker pros can really leave their mark based on their own skill alone! It’s an exciting time to be an active player, indeed, especially when the opportunities are at the tip of your fingers.