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Triton Poker has decided to pack up its stuff and head out to beautiful South Korea. And can anyone in their right mind truly blame them? From July 23 to August 1, Triton will quite unabashedly steal the spotlight during the poker festival it intends to set up at the Jeju Landing Casino.

The pow-wow will feature a variety of events that will cater to even the most specific poker preferences. The series is coming in the wake of the Montenegro competitions, which had a particularly successful run, attracting some of the world’s best players, including Jason Koon and Phil Ivey.

Triton’s Poker Festival Begins

The festival will feature, as we have already mentioned, a number of events. You will be able to enjoy two NLHE tournaments should you choose to visit in person. Along with these, the organizers have planned three ante-only short deck events and over six hold’em events in a number of variations.

The event itself will be held in the glamorous Jeju Landing Casino. The property was one of the landmarks developed by Landing International Development Ltd at the beginning of 2018. Despite a minor snag in the original opening of the property and a spate of layoffs, the casino managed to see the light of day and is now fully-equipped to host the promising event.

In detail, the series will kick off with the NLHE Ante-Only SD event featuring $13,000 in prize money. The first event will run through July 23 and 24 and conclude on the day after, on July 25. After that, we will witness two events worth $64,000, including the Ante-Only SD on July 25-26 and the one that follows right after it – the Six-Max competition on July 26-27.

We know for a fact that Jason Koon will be heading to play in South Korea, which will be a great experience for him. Koon commented for Poker News, arguing that: “These guys don’t play around. They put on big events; big tournaments and they treat players well. I am excited to go to Jeju. Bianca and I intend to get over there, do some leisure things, and win a couple of tournaments.”

He’s right to assume that the event is meant to be every bit as serious as any major WSOP competition, for example. With the recent interest in poker around the globe spiking, the Triton Poker festival is just the latest instalment in an upswing trend.

Poker’s Growing Popularity

Across the United States, poker has definitely been a favorite past-time to a whole lot of people. The recent temporary kill of a potential online poker bill in the State of New York has not been the most reassuring occurrence, but it’s definitely one that merits some scrutiny.

The climate for online gambling & poker in the United States is becoming milder. Despite the apparent slack pace at which things are moving, more festivals, such as Triton will choose the US as their foremost destination of choice. The promised land of poker is just biding its time.