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The Triton Poker Series in Jeju, South Korea have kicked off in earnest and the tournament has had its many ups and downs. The current star in the limelight is Nick Schulman who managed to notch up a brilliant victory at the $12,500 Short-Deck, Ante-Only tournament. As one of the most commented upon events, the short deck deserves further examination in the lines below.

The Short-Deck, Ante-Only tournament was bound to cause much excitement from the very start. Not many players have experienced the new format and some were downright avoiding it in a manner that betrayed reluctance to stake money on a version of the good game they were not entirely familiar with.

One man, though, was quick to steal the spotlight in a fashion that suggested exactly the opposite. According to reports on the ground, the towering giant, Nick Schulman managed to claim the title during the $12,000 Buy-In event. Where many have saw an impossible hurdle, Schulman saw a challenged that would take him to new heights of the poker world.

Not Far from the Public Eye Either

Schulman has not been a particularly private figure in poker either. He made an appearance on MTV’s Life of Jenks when he was in his 20s. Additionally, he shaped his career in broadcasting with equal measures of success. His successes as a player have been quite numerous and quite meaningful in their nature. A tacit and polite individual, Schulman’s inexorable pursuit of excellence has landed him not only a silent and important recognition throughout his peers, but also the latest Short-Deck event.

Shortly after his victory, Schulman took a question from the journalists in the crowd asking him about his fresh victory. Schulman paused and simply replied that he was “grateful” for what had transpired at the felt.

However, Schulman also revealed something with heart-felt accuracy. He spoke of the “ups and downs” most poker players experience and that despite personal skill, sometimes the competition is too severe to resist and so bad spells come. Therefore, adding a few victories to one’s name is always something that is truly revitalizing and can help bolster the morale of any player.

At the End It Was Quick Decision-Making

When Schulman faced his runner-up, Lamb, he had no idea what his hands would bring him. It wasn’t NLHE nor PLO. Schulman had a good hand and he thought he’d run with it. And he did, and when he did – things changed. He suddenly found himself the winner.

Schulman managed to outlast all 61 entrants, finally defeating Kenneth Kee and landing the respectable $272,119 in first prize money. It was a refreshing victory and one of his most significant successes since the Poker Masters in September 2017. During Event #1, Schulman managed to win well over $900,000 distinguishing himself from the crowd with ease. As to the also-runs, here’s a complete list:

  • Nick Schulman – HKD 2,135,000 (USD 272,119)
  • Kenneth Kee – HKD 1,319,369 (USD 168,169)
  • Chow Hing Yaung – HKD 874,801 (USD 111,502)
  • Ben Lamb – HKD 619,272 (USD 78,932)
  • Foo Sze Ming – HKD 466,233 (USD 59,424)
  • Lim Chin Wei – HKD 371,917 (USD 47,404)
  • Ivan Leow – HKD 313,418 (USD 39,946)