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The Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) has been making quite the splash. The media outlet and now tournament host have done an outstanding job of bringing together the community and giving them a chance to show their true poker prowess.

CPPT Big Poker Oktober Festival Results

With one of the most noteworthy poker tours this month already in progress, the Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) is definitely a name that we will all remember fondly way after the event has finished. The Big Poker Oktober festival is a new initiative by the outlet, and a promising one by the looks of it.

The Bike in California is playing a host to what is a 17-leg competition, which will have aspiring professionals and established poker individuals vie for solid sums of money. A cursory glance at The Bike’s own event schedule reveals a rather busy venue.

The pow-wow began on October 1 and it will come to an end on October 21, promising to re-distribute over $1.7 million in cash prizes. As far as first events go, CPPT has definitely managed to whip up quite the buzz among players and fans, showing that where there is will, there is a way to make big tournaments happen without much bustling unnecessarily about.

The first event to hit was the NLHE tournament with its respectable $245 buy-in promising a shot at $500,000 money guarantee. To say that this has been quite the driving force for players would be an understatement.

An overall of 2,270-odd entries were put in the books and 116 of the gamers returned in Day 2 with $1,800 for each participation. The interest in the event helped swell the prize money all the way up to nearly $645,000 in ready cash. This is quite the sum for any event that has just dipped a modest toe in the proverbial waters of poker events.

However, CPPT has been one of the longest-standing names in the industry and we are not surprised in the slightest to see such overwhelming turnout.

Triet Nguyen Makes a Dash for the First CPPT Tournament

Among the competitors, one name shaped up as one of the potential leaders. Triet Nguyen, managed to tackle the competition for a good while, as he had to compete against some established names in the industry, including Allen Cunningham who has won $11,769,023 in life earnings, and the freshly-arrived Peter Cross, a relatively low-key name in poker as of now, but nevertheless a player with quite the promising prospects.

Nguyen was ultimately relegated out of the race, though, finishing in ninth place and bagging the modest, but yet respectable $8,765 in money. The Main Event was claimed by Andrew Wisdom who managed to add $165,025 of the total cash prize and bring it home.

For anyone interested, hitting The Bike may be a great idea. The CPPT has been adding more entries than ever, compared to previously-organized events. And yet, time is running out for those of you who want to head over and participate in one of the remaining competitive pow-wows.

But fret not, as CPPT is more than likely to return and Card Player are likely to bring out new and exciting competitive tournaments that will definitely happen closer to home next time around. With poker legislation in North America gaining a slightly friendlier face, we have what to smile at yet in the future.