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On Wednesday, Anthony Zinno managed a victory at the Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) Venetian Main Event. Zinno adds another distinction to his name after he managed, rather well, to set himself apart from the crowds becoming the CPPT Player of the Year back in 2015.

Humble Origins, A Zinno’s Tale

To think that Zinno had an easy go at the 2015 CPPT is not exactly true. He faced many challenges as he steadfastly inched closer to the distinction. Fighting off 546 foes was no easy task, but the first prize came with a pleasant relief to the tune of $466,670. Even though Zinno’s not the wealthiest poker player out there, his impressive $8 million in lifetime proceeds from poker do check out as a respectable sum.

This summer turned out to be quite the raging success for him as well. The WSOP bonanza brought him as many as 11 cash-ins, setting him well along the way of becoming one of the higher-earners of the tournaments. Without a shade of doubt, Zinno’s qualities have shined bright over the competition.

He managed a brilliant third spot in the $10,000 NLHE Championship and then swooshed in for the $565 Pot-Limit Omaha online tournament, adding $186,000 to his capital and then rocking it all out at the WSOP string of events, both future and past.

Zinno’s Off the Limespot for a Bit

Zinno’s recent spate of successes has given him enough courage to call it off for a while. A holiday is due and Zinno is now taking an excuse to take off some time for himself. In his own words, he will benefit from his WSOP-go to actually unwind for a while. Three WSOP titles along with a bracelet from the competition seem like reason enough for him to call it quits for a tiny bit.

He has been preparing for his time at the summits of CPPT for a while too when in 2013 he made it all the way through to the final table, which was his first brush with the status of a poker pro. Even though his bankroll at the time wasn’t sufficient to provide him with the leeway he would have wanted in the competition he still managed to come out in fourth place and notch up $86,964.

Riding Out the Storm

Zinno’s long-in-the-making career may have started modest but his current standing is a telltale sign that he has the talents of a professional and he will not be easily put off his stroke in the slightest. He kept his perseverance and ended up at the summits of the CPPT, allowing himself the luxury of taking a short break.

With his career still well ahead of him, Zinno is brimming with potential and his $8 million may soon be getting rather more substantial. But while on his time off, we may all consider Zinno to be a temporary no-show on the poker scene, albeit the next WSOP event will be starting next year, and that’s reason enough to bring out any pro and aspiring talent out of hibernation.