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Poker tournaments continue to multiply at a breakneck pace. There have been quite a few unexpected pow-wows that have made the headlines and to be perfectly fair – that’s just brilliant news right there. The Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) is now slated to return at Seneca Niagara Casino in the fall, and here’s what we know about it.

CPPT Makes a Comeback in the Fall

The Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) is back in style. This fall the event will take place at the Seneca Niagara Casino and it will definitely be the reason for some fast-paced excitement. This will be the third consecutive year that the tournament has been running in November. As part of the Fall Poker Classic, the CPPT is one of the eight events part of the bigger series, which offers a cumulative prize pool to the tune of $370,000. Another event has just concluded in August, with Erik Nomberg winning the big pot.

Still far from now, the tournament will begin on November 9 with the $300 buy-in NLHE tournament. The time frame will provide any player who want to participate with sufficient leeway to prepare themselves and plan their travels. The tournament’s prize is estimated at $100,000, which may be added to, depending on how many people sign up and enter. All levels in the event are 30-minute-long and players will hit off the race with 20,000 chips to their name.

Following that, players will be able to participate in the Main Event, which will come with a rather more impressive prize pool along with a heftier buy-in. The Main Event will cost you $1,000 to enter into, but the potential rewards are definitely worth it with the prize pool swelling up to $200,000. The first chance to enter the main event will come on November 15, but there will be more opportunities further down the road on the 16th and 19th of November as well.

CPPT Comes with Many Qualifiers

As any good tournament, the CPPT will offer skilled poker professionals an opportunity to enter the competition without shedding so much of their own cash. From October 20 through October 27 and November 3, $145 buy-in satellite tournaments will be held for players to try their luck and win a pass into the Main Event. Additional qualifiers will be held on November 16 and November 17.

The tournament is a great example of how poker events gain traction. The satellite pow-wows are just a way for the hosts to distinguish players based on their merit. Still, the CPPT has gathered quite the momentum and is now slated to become one of the common poker events to look forward to in November every year.

While not offering the same money as a WSOP-backed competition, CPPT is still very much an event that you would like to attend, whatever your skill level. The cheap entry-level and opportunity to compete against like-minded poker players is incentive enough for players of all stripes. Earlier this year, the CPPT was held at the Bicycle Hotel Casino, drawing large crowds in attendance.

As CPPT returns, we will continue to cover the qualifying events as well as report on the event itself when it finally launches.