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Card Player have been hosting a series of noteworthy poker events that certainly appeal to you. There have been quite a handful of late. From The Bike in a few days and the promise to hit Seneca once again, Card Player’s show has been on the road. Today we have found out that the CPPT team will be hitting Florida and the currently ongoing Derby Lane Pokerfest Series.

CPPT Hits Derby Lane in Saint Petersburg

The Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) team now have joined the Derby Lane in Saint Petersburg to enjoy the Pokefest Series. Featuring a number of events, all players will stand a decent chance to get a bite of the $320,000 of the guaranteed prize pool, although they certainly won’t lack competition.

The event kicked off on Friday, September 28, and all contestants are into it, cutting their teeth on the mega stack NLHE tournament first. The buy-ins are just $150, though, which means there will be no unnecessary financial pressure to participate.

Lose and nothing bad will stem thereof. Those who actually manage to rough it all the way to the end will get a succulent bite of the $50,000 prize money guarantee. The festival itself will wrap up on October, but before the final light is snuffed out, a $250 buy-in event will be available for the seemingly modest $10,000 in cash rewards.

Enjoying the Tournament Offers

When you look at the available tournaments, there is quite a few excellent choices to pick from. It’s small wonder then that anyone who participates will certainly have their eyes peeled for a number of events, including the $350 buy-in which promises $10,000 in cash rewards as early as Monday, October 1.

If you are looking for juicier rewards, then you should most certainly go after the $350 monster stack which will come along with $20,000 in ready money. A more modest pow-wow is staking place on October 4, when you will have a chance to participate in the Pot-Limit Omaha and claim $10,000.

But brush all such minnows aside and the limelight will indefinitely fall on the Main Event, which will guarantee you $200,000 and a part thereof. All you need is to make sure that your poker prowess is quite up to scratch and plunge ahead. Caveat emptor, though because a simple buy-in is pricey. You will have to cough up $1,000 to participate.

Still, you needn’t despair. The Derby Lane pow-wow will come along with two possible satellite events that you can use and secure yourself a placement in the more exciting tournament of the meet-up.

With the Derby Lane packages also up for grabs, participants have a chance to win $175 in promotional entry-level packages which will guarantee you access to three separate events and allow you to benefit in full from the potential rewards.

Additional boon lies in the fact that you can actually influence the outcome of your games to the point where you add to your bankroll and guarantee that you can stick just a little longer to earn a few extra bucks.

The Card Player events are truly dazzling. As reported before, they are returning in November to bring us more top-notch poker action.