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With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) edging dangerously close to a well-deserved end, we will have to focus on the next fix of poker action. And so we move our attention to Triton Poker Super High Roller Series which is slated to kick off in Jeju, South Korea. The event will five tournaments that will stretch over ten days of cutthroat competition. As per the official information about the tournament, three of these events will be ante-only short-deck tournaments, which will invite spectacular plays of various degree.

Learning the Short-Decks

If you were wondering what short-deck poker is, perhaps you have heard about it under its more common name, the Six-Plus Hold’em. Now, this is one of the latest variations of the Texas Hold ’em game and it has been adding to its popularity a great deal. It may not be as welcomed at home, but it’s heavily featured in events across the world.

With the Six-Plus poker, all cards from 2-5 are removed from the deck, as the name may suggest. The ace will retain both its high and low values. There are other alternations to the gameplay as well, that mean a flush is now stronger than a full house . In a similar vein, a full house will easily dispatch of a straight.

The Implications for the Competitive Community

The Six-Plus poker has spawned a new competitive gameplay, which, if it gains traction and makes it to mainstream events such as WSOP could have quite the interesting effects on the gameplay, offering to turn the tables quite rapidly.

Struggling players may quickly turn to be a little bit more gifted at this new format whilst established pros could find it irksome to change their ways to dramatically to accommodate what appears to be a fad. As to the Triton Tournament, the short-deck versions will only be available as ante-only events.

If the WSOP is nearly out, then no worries about keeping your poker appetite satiated. The Triton festival kicks off on July 23 and the events will continue well through August 1. The buy-ins for the short decks will vary, and three sums have been posted, namely $13,000, $64,000, and $127,000.

As to the other event, you will be able to buy your way in with $64,000 upfront. The tipping point is definitely the Main Event where you will have to part with <strong$255,000 if you want to compete with the heavy guns who are after the juiciest price.

Poker Beyond the Americas

Triton is definitely making a strong push within the poker community. A recently-held tournament in Montenegro featured similar pricey events. The last pow-wow was won by Jason Koon taking $3.5 million home after winning the $127,000 buy-in short-deck competition.

It’s understandable why poker professionals try to branch out of their comfort zone and focus on other possibilities to add to their bankrolls. Jason Koon was not the only poker pro to make it back to the felt in a spectacular way. Phil Ivey, who many considered gone from the game for a long while has also done quite well during the Montenegro pow-wow.