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After two years, PokerStars has decided to remove Power Up from its game offerings. The esports-based poker game offered players a unique gaming experience, but PokerStars has decided to shelve the title in order to make room for other games on the platform.

What Is Power Up?

Power Up plays out like a typical game of poker. However, there are “powers” that players can use throughout the game when they receive special cards. The powers have the ability to cause all sorts of chaos, such as allowing players to switch hole cards or take a look at the top card on the deck.

It really added a whole new layer to the game of poker, attempting to combine it with video game features. Using power cards requires a whole new set of skills and requires players to rethink their poker strategy completely. So, we can see why it was a popular niche selection for PokerStars players.

Power Up was initially launched in October 2017, after years of development and testing. PokerStars put a lot of work into this title, creating a new engine on which to run the game and a whole host of unique, futuristic graphics to complement the gameplay.

Other Unique Variants at PokerStars

At PokerStars, the development team is always looking for new ways to engage players with interesting new games. One of the company’s most recent additions was Fusion Poker, which combines elements of Hold’em and Omaha Poker.

That has been one of the company’s more successful undertakings, as we’ve seen PokerStars launch other variants that haven’t gone over very well. For example, Unfold Poker, which allowed players who folded before the flop to continue in the hand later on, was shelved nearly a year after it was launched.

Split Hold’em is another game that was launched by PokerStars last year. The variant included two sets of community cards, and players had the ability to play both of them. It was only available for a limited time, but it’s possible that it wasn’t a very popular title, as there has been no talk of it coming back.

PokerStars has scrapped Power Up in favour of launching other games on the platform, but the brand has yet to announce which new games will be available. We’re looking forward to seeing what new games PokerStars has in store, as they are likely to introduce some very interesting and engaging gameplay for players.